Wednesday, July 23, 2014

they are watching YOU

As a child, breaking a sweat was something I hated.  
I loved watching TV with snacks in hand and would be content doing that for HOURS...
What I wouldn't give to have those years back...
Those behaviors continued throughout my childhood, along with over eating that led to more weight gain, insecurities and fear of failure...and that only grew worse.  
The eating, the sedentary lifestyle and insecurities ALL increased as I grew older.  

I believe we learn behaviors at a very young age.  We watch and learn from others.  If we have positive experiences with exercise, healthy foods and getting outdoors rather than sitting inside on electronics then we are more likely to continue these behaviors as we age.  
As I've said a million times on here, I don't blame my mother.  She was a single-mother, working to provide for us so that meant doing what was easy most of the time.  Fast food or if she cooked, it was just the two of us so there was plenty for seconds, thirds, etc.  If she worked or was out late, that meant a free for all in my pantry and fridge.  YUP, when nobody was watching the eating was frighteningly out of control...

My passion to help others NOT develop these habits is what drives me to do what I do every day.  First it was teaching PE, feeling like I could reach these children in a way they hadn't been exposed to and while most of the time I felt good about that, something was always missing.  Now with my Move It Mommas being "Momma's" I am able to reach MANY children and do what I love most.  These kids watch and learn.  They see their Mom's working hard and they want to model those behaviors.  They see us sweating and running around like crazy and then follow.  I hope to teach the Mom's valuable healthy tips that they can carry with them and use at home with their families. 

Today while I sent my Momma's on a mile run around the neighborhood, I decided to put these kiddos through their own kid-style boot camp!  It was FUN!  
I was able to see myself through each of these children.   As a child this would have intimidated me, but not these kids...they jumped right in seeing who could perform best!  I loved it!  

It is our JOB and responsibility to make healthy living and exercise a FUN experience.  

They were so proud of their perfect push-ups!  As I'd walk around complimenting form they would ask, "Miss Marissa are mine the best? What about these?  Look at my biceps!"  It was hilarious.

We "crawled like a bear", "ran like a cheetah", "galloped like a horse" and "hopped like a frog"

25 jumping jacks?  NO PROBLEM for these kids!  They kept asking for more...and yes the boys threw off their t-shirts!  

EXPOSING them is key to long-term success.  
They see YOU changing and becoming stronger and healthier and they'll want to be a part of it.  If we make it FUN, ENCOURAGING and NOT INTIMIDATING then beautiful things can happen within each of us.  I see the same happen with the women.  They feel safe, can show up and work hard without intimidation and you should see them change, take on a whole new attitude and conquer the world TOGETHER!  It's incredible to watch...
I am amazed every day that THIS is my job.  

One of the Mom's snapped this picture of her daughter mocking our routine the other day.  
It's proof that the little ones ARE watching us.  
They are seeing the change and want to be a part of it.  

Let's ALL be that example for our children.  

If we struggled with body image, our weight or health problems run in our families 
WHY in a million years would we want to repeat that cycle with our children?  
Have them go through the pain of feeling worthless?
Shame on us because we KNOW how it feels to be left out, be the girl with NO self-esteem or the one that failed at everything she attempted to try.    BREAK THAT CYCLE forever...for the sake of our kiddos growing up in a world full of judgement, heart disease, childhood diabetes and other health-related illnesses.  Don't let them make those mistakes without a fight.  Fight for them and fight WITH them!  Make a difference together because I promise in some way they are watching every move you make.  

They are watching you say you'll start exercising but never actually do, they are watching you sit in front of the TV munching on chips, they are watching you get winded climbing a flight of stairs and they are watching you look at yourself each night in the mirror-feeling defeated.  
They are watching and learning so what do you want them to learn from YOU?!

The other day on our golf cart ride home from boot camp, my boys said "Mom we're sweaty and tired just like you because we ran around and played hard, that counts as exercise right Mom?"

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Mama Hen said...

I can not tell you how proud I am of you!! You continue to inspire year after year. You should be so proud that you started this blog, you are a fantastic example to your children and to many people who read your blogs. Sharing your journey will inspire so many.

Have a great night!

Mama Hen

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