Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Game changer?

When you accept your life the way that it is, then then your expectations become little to nothing.
If you want more out of your life then you must accept the challenge.  No matter the obstacle and stop making excuses for the way things are.  You must CHANGE.  
For my husband and I, our way of thinking, our all changed.  It had to in order for us to truly change our lives...

The best way tot describe it for me is that I had to stop "dieting", stop "it's not fair" and stop the blame game..."my back hurts, I can't run, I'm too tired, I'll never look like that so why try"
...I had to stop ALL OF IT.  

My husband and I met at my thinnest at the time.  I was on a roll with my healthy lifestyle, going to the gym seven days a week for 2-3 hours at a time.  I was finally getting the life I wanted so badly for SO many years.  I met the man of my dreams, we worked out together and were in love.  What else could I ask for?

As we dated, we started to gain weight together.  Dinner on Friday nights, getting comfortable and life taking over and us making excuses of why we had to eat out, why we were driving through the local restaurants late at night.  We were a team and now we were losing our battle with our health one day at a time.  


After the birth of our second son, things really took a turn.  He was heavier than he'd ever been.  I was gaining weight but I had a great excuse, didn't I?  I had JUST had a second child.  I was a mother so things wouldn't look the way they had before children, right?  Whew, what a great excuse...and it worked.  

Fast forward to today!
WE ARE TRULY LIVING LIFE.  WE ARE HAPPY, HEALTHY and are teaching our children the same, valuable lessons in life.  We promise to never teach our children our bad habits, but we will teach them to learn from our mistakes.  We were both heavier children, teens and then adults our weight ballooned out of control off and on.  
The game changer was changing our minds, our hearts and our bodies...FOREVER. 

More than anything I believe weight loss and getting healthy is a mind game.  Our mind is a powerful tool and it can make or break us.  Days where my head isn't in it, I have to put my heart into it THAT much more.  The days where my mind is right and I'm inspired, 
I feel unstoppable and my heart follows.    

Last night on Extreme Makeover-no I won't spoil it for you but will say that his girlfriend was asked at the finale, how she felt about all of this (transformation).  Her response was something like, I have loved the past several months because he has been a better boyfriend than he had been for 7 years because he was so limited...and now that the weight is gone we can do so many things together that we couldn't before.  
THAT'S IT!  If we aren't truly living, what are we doing?  Wasting time?  Embrace your body and what life has to offer!  It's always worth that!!  


Jennifer A said...

I love reading your post, you have done an amazing job.

Mama Hen said...

What a fantastic makeover! A health makeover and so much more! You look wonderful my friend! :)

Mama Hen

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