Tuesday, August 12, 2014

an eye-opening video that has me on a roll...

Wow, my eyes are open and my mind is turning over this video someone shared on facebook today.  
Video HERE 
if that doesn't work you can type this in:

I suggest watching then proceeding with this post...
it left me speechless and uneasy.  How about you?
If you cannot relate to that video on some level then hats off to you.  
Whether its you personally as it was for me, or a sibling, mother, father, husband, wife or our own children...

I see it every day.  I saw it working in cardiac rehab, I saw it with the students I taught in Physical Education and Health, I see it all around...

It is important not to judge but to take a step back and realize what we are doing as a society.  
If we grew up heavy and unhealthy, we sure want to ensure that our children don't go and make the same mistakes that we did, right?  If we didn't but saw others around us struggle then we should still want what is best and healthiest for our children, correct? 
Or maybe we watched an unhealthy family member that couldn't keep up or play like the other children?  Maybe it's an adult you know and they used to live life and are now bound with health issues and countless excuses?  

My heart aches knowing we can do better TOGETHER...all of us.
It is our responsibility to teach them the right way TODAY.  Not tomorrow.  
In many cases, tomorrow is too late.  

And even if that loved one is not overweight, what are they eating? How is their activity level? 
Is it not mind blowing that we see the warning signs, we see the effects that unhealthy foods and behaviors have on our bodies, mind, family and our quality of life YET we still continue to live that way because it is all we know.  It is all we expect from ourselves so we accept it and move on...slowly through life without soaking in all the beauty that life has to offer.  Is that sad?  
It is VERY sad to me and watching that video struck a cord for me...that WAS my life.  
Yes I was not morbidly obese and was not dying of heart disease but if I would have stayed living the life I was then who knows where I'd be today...it's scary.  Sad and scary.  

I'd love you to voice your thoughts in the comments because that video, although fiction is why I fight HARD every day to change the world, one person at a time.  And I truly believe that when we have passion for something that we love and care so deeply for then anything is possible and I will NOT QUIT until I have reached millions and allowed them to see that 

This week of workouts has been awesome!  I am pushing myself and these ladies HARD each day and week...I want them to see that they are gaining strength, endurance and a healthier way of life EVERY DAY.  It makes me smile just thinking about it :)

Every evening we go PLAY!  We get outside and we PLAY!  We ride bikes, play baseball, basketball and football TOGETHER as a family and it is something I never take for granted.  I know these are the times we will all cherish the most.  The little moments that would pass us by if we didn't grab hold of them tightly.  It makes me happy knowing we all agree that life should be lived and that the outdoors are FUN. I sure didn't feel that way as a child and I'm now hoping to teach my children much differently...

My son's breakfast selection before boot camp...yes, while one child chose a Pop Tart-he gets those every now and then, my oldest chose THIS:
a Moon Pop with Neuftchael cheese and cinnamon with an Activia yogurt-yes he tasted these at my mom's house and he LOVED them LOL!  
Knowing this was the choice he made helps me believe that our children DO learn from the examples that we set as parents

and these ladies...whew we work hard and they give me looks like they're going to come after me in my sleep but they keep going and NEVER QUIT!  I love it :)

Our kiddos playing while we exercise...
I just LOVE seeing pictures like these, isn't that what it's all about?
We had a little Move It Momma pool party, complete with Subway lunch!  It was FUN and we work hard so celebrations are sometimes needed!  Often needed!  


Sweat Is My Sanity said...

I showed the video to my whole family. My husband thinks he's awesome for beating the odds...since he's 38 and the man is 34. Really though, it's a sad sad situation we're facing here in America. I love that you too are passionate about helping others. You're a total rock star actually!!

jillconyers said...

My husband told me about the video. It's definitely eye opening and a different perspective on habits people do everyday. Like you, I will keep doing what I do (and love) everyday and if what I do in hope that I inspire change.

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