Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Living a life full of THINKING and WANTING CHANGE never gives us...

It's pretty simple.
We want something, we work hard for it. 

We don't dream of a million dollars and it magically appears, just as we don't dream of losing 15lbs and wake up and POOF! it's gone.  Right?

We THINK we are ready to work hard but can't quite imagine that it will take sacrifice, dedication and the fight deep within us EVERY, SINGLE DAY.

We WANT to eat right, exercise and take care of our health BUT...
What's the "BUT"?  
You tell me.
"But ________________"

Whatever the answer is, I want you to think hard about taking the "BUT" away.
Changing the WANT to I WILL will change things in your mind drastically.

I will workout. Instead of "I want to workout BUT____"
I will eat right.  Instead of "I want to eat right BUT ______"
I will focus on drinking less soda and more water.
I will dedicate my evenings to some time outdoor and active with my family.
I will stop feeling sorry for myself. Instead of "I want change but it's not fair BECAUSE________.  

This is Kelly.
Kelly met me back in October, I believe.
She is a fighter.
She showed up the first day, as we started our warm up jog and said to me, "I don't run, I never have and never will...I just don't run" 
That was BEFORE she ran her first 10K and signed up for a half marathon!  Uh YES!
Sounds to me like she stopped using "BUT" and started believing in herself!
She's unstoppable...just look at her!
She is inspiring.  She had the baggage that some of us carry from being heavy for a part of our lives...it's tough to believe in ourselves after going through times of self-defeat and failure.  Instead of feeling sorry for myself for going through that in my life, I used it as fuel and I think she does too, every day.  We share the food struggles and her and I have discussed it MANY times.  It's tough to be able to talk about something so personal but I truly think it helps to know we are not alone in the battles we face.  Amazing isn't it?  When we start speaking up, we can help one another in a way that cannot be explained in words.  

More than just workout buddies, these Move It Mommas share a friendship.  Even when I dreamed up this idea, I never imagined we would form the relationships that we have...it's incredible to me.  If we're having trouble taking the next step on our journey, we discuss it before one of us falls down and hits rock bottom once again.  It's not about "Oh I'm starting over..." It's about "I'm ready to fight back time and time again".  

These women do not all have issues with food or emotional eating problems as I do, 
but we all have a mountain.  
A climb that tries to knock us down to the bottom every day.  
We share that and it's powerful.  
Some of us had a disease that tried to defeat us but it didn't win, some of us have battled weight for most of our lives while others are insecure and want to feel and look better.  
EVERY reason is a GOOD REASON to take care of ourselves TOGETHER.  
And even if a group like this doesn't exist near you, find a group and make it happen :)  

And after that pep talk, I'll leave you with some nachos I created for my boys and they LOVED them!  I used the leftover turkey mixture that I made for burritos, added wheat thins and some 2% cheese melted on top, served with a spoonful of plain Greek yogurt and served to happy boys!  Oh yes I'm sure they'd love the full-fat, deep fried version from the local Mexican restaurant but this alternative just made nachos a bit better for my kids and that matters SO much to me!  
It's the little moments that make the biggest impact and 
I strive to work on that every day for myself and my family!  

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Kelly Sebelius said...

Thanks for the shout out. The MIMs keep me motivated when nothing else has been able to. Love you guys!

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