Saturday, August 2, 2014

make up your mind and the rest will follow... words
seems like a new picture always makes its way back into my life.  
This one above/on the left, a great memory with good friends but look at me?!  
I don't even know that girl.  What happened?  Those that are closest to me swear they never remember me looking that way and that makes me happy but look at that?  
It is still hard for me to realize how FAR I am from that girl these days.  

My hope from sharing my story? 
I want to help everyone see and believe that if I can, 
they can too...YOU CAN TOO!

It doesn't get unhealthier than I used to be...
I did it all wrong.  
Ate horrible foods at all hours of the day and night, I smoked cigarettes and drank heavily.  
I didn't exercise and if I did with friends, it was Tae Bo in the living room followed by Olive Garden bread sticks and lasagna.  If it was time to "diet", it was starving myself and only eating lettuce with carrots and some cabbage soup.
I'd get fed up, binge on an entire bag of Doritos or an endless bowl of chips at the local Mexican restaurant 
and while I gained and lost weight more times than I can count, it was always the SAME cycle...
overeat, starve, overeat, starve...OVER AND OVER AGAIN.  
It was exhausting.

I had three ladies join my group for a workout yesterday and one very nicely said, "Wow, I loved the workout.  Love your arms and legs-all so lean"...and sadly it was hard to hear.  Not because it wasn't a huge compliment but hard for me to accept that she was talking about me?  The girl who NEVER stood out for looking good but always looking bigger and larger than those around me...

But honestly there's no special secret that I need to share...
it's simple really.

Two things:  
1. Find balance with your life-adding exercise and healthy foods the RIGHT way. 
2.  Make up your mind, stop making excuses and decide that quitting isn't an option!

A new find that seems to be popping up everywhere!  Chobani Greek with steel-cut oats!  Yum!  160 calories and 10g protein!!!  And I haven't had my hands on one yet but friends tell me they are pretty delicious :)  Woohoo! What an easy solution to breakfast!!
It may not look like much but a bundle of frozen grapes has been my go-to post workout snack on these hot, TX days!  YUM!  Balanced with a spoonful of PB or handful of almonds and I'm good to go with a gigantic glass of water!

I used to crave a Breakfast Jack from Jack In The Box ALMOST every day.  I'm sure I was only craving the crappy feeling it gave me, but still...
I have an alternative these days and it's wonderful!
2 egg whites cooked in coconut oil spray, slice of Boar's Head low sodium turkey and 1 tbs Greek whipped on a sandwich thin.  

Oats with fresh strawberries!
Sprinkled with a little cinnamon and it is delicious!

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