Tuesday, August 5, 2014

simple rules to follow

I'm no expert when it comes to health and nutrition, yes I have a degree in it but I believe that teaching can only do so much if we aren't going to practice what we've learned...

I was looking back on pictures from when I graduated from college in 2004.  I was much heavier than I am today.  I was working out seven days a week, teaching aerobics 
yet my foods were all out of whack.  
I'd attend college classes every day learning about proper nutrition, anatomy and physiology and bio mechanics yet I'm pretty sure I wasn't applying the information to my daily life.
I am forever grateful for learning and being able to use that in my life to help others, both children and adults BUT seems like what I learned most is that in order for people to believe in us and trust us, we must too live our lives the way that we preach.  

In cardiac rehabilitation I would tell heart attack victims to eat right and exercise but look at me?  Who was I to say what they should or shouldn't do?  
In Physical Education I would have the kids perform various exercises and I'd join them but then heat up a Lean Cuisine on my lunch break...is that fueling my body properly?  Probably not.
Yes I have the KNOWLEDGE but was I applying it and living my healthiest life?  Probably not.

When I meet with women that want to lose weight, get healthy or improve their fitness I often hear...
"I know the right foods to eat and how to exercise, I just don't"
Why not?
I am not only frustrated with them, I get frustrated with myself, with society, 

That "I just don't" statement is SO sadly true.
I personally knew but "I just didn't"
Most of us know people that "just don't"

It's about finding the discipline within ourselves to get the job done.
We want to lose weight-then DO IT.
We want to get leaner and more physically fit-then DO IT.

I had to choose to just talk the talk or to DO IT...and I chose both!  LOL!
I could talk about health, nutrition and fitness all day, 24/7 because I LOVE IT.
I love what it has done for me personally, for my family, my husband and MY LIFE!

TODAY let's make "I just don't" a thing of the past...forever!

Oats and berries and ya can't go wrong!  
Perfect balance and great pre-workout meal to give you energy and feeling fuller, longer.  

Boot camp yesterday morning!  YES it was a Monday!  Amazed to see so many beautiful faces, meet new friends and have my old Momma's come back!
THIS makes me smile EVERY day!

Our Motto is NEVER QUIT and it should be yours too!  
It's the ONLY attitude that brings success...I promise.  I tried 'em all!  Ha!

mixed emotions here...
Left: Trip to NYC in 2000, Right: Yesterday 2014
a picture can bring up 100 emotions and for me that picture shows defeat, sadness, guilt, insecure, unhappy, unhealthy and A GIRL THAT IS NO LONGER HERE!  
That girl on the right is a bit different...
she will NEVER QUIT!

I have found that I MUST have that attitude in order to stick with the path I'm on.  
If not, I'll fall three steps back and then three more...three more and so on.  But even if you're in a place where you feel you've fallen 50 steps behind, back where you "started" and feel defeated this is where you pick yourself up, keep trying and get rid of the "I just don't" attitude once again.

 It's IN there but you gotta dig deep and find it, do the work and stop making excuses...

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Kate, RD said...

Hi Marissa - I have been a reader for a few months, but this post finally convicted me to write a comment. I identify with your story so much. I am a registered dietitian, but I have struggled with emotional eating for what seems like forever. I am overweight and I feel stuck. I feel like I don't have the "right" to practice my profession because I am afraid of what others are thinking. Regardless of what others are thinking, I am dissapointed in myself. The thing I struggle with the most is digging deep and not making excuses. I am so inspired by your story and your transformation. Thank you!

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