Monday, May 27, 2013

a reminder

Sometimes it takes a look back to see how far you've come...and I met a family yesterday that helped me remember when my journey began...I don't even know this girl anymore but I sure remember the sadness, weakness and emptiness. 
Me: fall 2001 size:18
Me: may 2013 size 6
Although I lost most of my weight back in 2002, I had allowed 30lbs to creep back on, over time. I don't dwell on it, just look at it as a learning experience. For me, diet and exercise must be at 99% in order for me to feel & look my best! 
    We had a busy day yesterday, full of family parties and I must say that I was absolutely inspired & amazed by a family that I met yesterday! 
    They introduced themselves and started off by saying they had read my weight loss story, that they were inspired and wanted to talk more. So we all sat down and talked for a long time, sharing stories, recipes and more! 
     It was a really cool moment for me. Almost like a moment where I realized, WOW my words, struggles, obstacles and triumphs that I share on here REALLY do impact other lives!! 
    They probably don't know it, but they were pretty inspiring to me too. Such a beautiful family and they ALL put their health as a priority! There's nothing more beautiful than that! I loved sharing words with a family that truly wanted to know our lifestyle...they weren't judging or saying, "oh that's can you do that...etc" they listened, they actually LISTENED! I hope they're reading so they know it meant SO much to me! 
    My dream job would be where I could speak to families that WANTED to listen, wanted help and I could somehow make a difference for them. Make their road to healthy living a bit easier by sharing my experience and knowledge so they gave me a glimpse of that :-) 
    Too often I find families judge our lifestyle from the start. I'm not even sure why because I NEVER push our lifestyle on anyone...I wouldn't dare. But to know that through those moments, out pops a family, a person that I have touched...I have helped them feel strong and worth it! 
     The thing is, we are ALL worth it but it must be when each of us is ready! If we're not ready & committed...the change will not last. When you feel strong and push yourself beyond your limits, it makes you feel good...SO good! And that good feeling will trickle down to your loved ones. Before you know it, you have this amazing group of supportive people that are in it TOGETHER!! You have someone to lean on, to guide you, help you when you're feeling weak and remind you of your strength! 
    Make today AMAZING! Set goals and fight for what you want! Keep in mind that BALANCE must be found! You have to find your balance which may, and probably will be different than mine and that's okay. 

Since we attended party after party yesterday, with not many healthy options I decided since I stayed on track I wanted a little sweet treat! Thanks to my blogger friend, BackAtSquareZero she posted this "cookie dough" recipe at the perfect time! 
Since it was already late, I made just a few spoonfuls but SO good! 
1/2c plain Greek yogurt
1tbs pb2 
Handful chocolate chips
Mix and ENJOY!!
I mean, as she explains, it doesn't taste like "cookie dough" but it definitely makes you feel like you're having a sweet treat:-)

And to begin this beautiful Memorial Day, my friend and I ran 6.21 miles!!! 
     Will you sweat today? I was a mess

Remember all of our military men & women today...and every day! Their strength, determination and love for our country should be celebrated. Especially for those who died for the beautiful USA! 
Have a beautiful and safe Memorial Day!!


hiker mom said...

So awesome! I love it when people are ready to listen and make their health a priority! Way to get your sweat on today:)

Abby said...

How amazing that you were able to actually sit down and inspire some people face to face this weekend. You have been on such a crazy journey and look amazing now and not just look amazing, but you workout and eat better and are just such an overall inspiration!

jillconyers said...

Agreed with comments above...amazing and awesome! Loved reading this Marissa. Being given the opportunity to inspire others is such a great feeling!

fancy nancy said...

Sounds like an awesome experience!! You have worked so hard and you literally walk the walk! You inspire so many and you look AMAZING!!!

Marissa said...

Yes! It was a very cool experience! Thanks

Marissa said...

Well thanks :-) that means a lot and yes! It was pretty neat! Life-changing too!

Anonymous said...

Girl you are amazing!!

Marissa said...

...and you just made my day :-) sweetest comment! Thank you!!!

Marissa said...

Yes it is! Thanks for reading!!

Marissa said...

Awww thanks! Very sweet of you! All of my bloggy, fitfluential friends inspire me daily-def you included :-)

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