Tuesday, May 7, 2013

WhatsBeautiful by UA and YOU!

I am SO excited to be a part of this movement!   It is time for us to come together and find our inner strength, to push harder than before and to reach goals that we never thought possible!  LET'S DO THIS!!!

What is it:
It's a MOVEMENT helping to empower ALL women! 

To join:Team Move It Mommas (my team) simply click on "sign up to request invite" and after you enter your Facebook info or sign up for the FREE account-this is just to track the traffic to their pages, I will receive your request and then be able to add you to the team. My goal of "Momma's Moving" can have YOUR personal goals added to it by simply typing in your personal goal after I WILL. Although its an 8-week campaign, we can set long term goals too. 

It's more about spreading the positive message and pushing each of us to find out how strong and beautiful we all are!  
for example-I've received goals via email of some of you wanting to run/walk your first 5k and that can be together as a group or on your own! I am ALWAYS here to help you reach and exceed these goals or you can do them 100% on your own if you choose!

How it works: The more traffic we drive, as a team to the UA campaign site, the more our team moves up and gains prizes, recognition and MORE!! So tell everyone! Get excited, motivated and talk it up!
It's about us, setting a goal TOGETHER and reaching it! and it can be anything you'd like but make sure it pushes you to exercise more, eat healthy and build a better YOU!  
And the more you talk about, hashtag #iwill and #whatsbeautiful the more UA sees that we deserve SWAG!!!! aka:FREE STUFF!!!!!! 

**my team link is located at the bottom of this post!**

This is a nationwide campaign and they have chosen over 300 women around the world to help empower women in their communities and across the world!  I have been chosen as one of the lucky women to set team goals, help motivate others and allow us to reach those goals TOGETHER!  This is our chance to do something huge.  To impact our lives and the lives of our families...together.

On behalf of Under Armour and FitFluential, I have created a #whatsbeautiful team. And the great news is that we don't have to live near each other for us to be on the same team...we can be miles and miles away while still having a great goal in mind so tell your family and friends...tell everyone!
Details on the campaign can be found here:

I am always amazed that a girl, who grew up overweight and out of shape, can go out there and push hard to reach my goals that I've set for myself time and time again so I have decided to focus my team campaign on 
helping Momma's MOVE!  Momma's get busy, they put themselves last but we should be a priority...our health is a priority. 
The #whatsbeautiful campaign by UA focuses on empowering women.  Women of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels!  It is a reminder that we are all STRONG.  We can all push ourselves beyond our limits!  So let this be your chance to stop saying "tomorrow" and start doing TODAY! 

The details for my team- 
My team goal is simple, 
I have focused on Momma's are BEAUTIFUL I will run a 10K PR while helping others set a goal to run their fastest time or help you run or walk your first 5K or 10K race.  Maybe you'd like to set a personal goal that is different and that is perfectly okay too...maybe it's a weight loss goal? or pushing yourself to get moving at least 45 minutes a day/4 times a week?  eating more healthy and less processed foods?  We can set/add as many goals as possible, so please email me with the goal you'd like to add to the list!
**I'd also like us to show our children that being active and healthy is BEAUTIFUL.  We know our children look up to us and we are responsible for modeling that positive behavior!  
We have 8 weeks to attain that goal!  
Train to run or walk that set distance in less time that we've done before 
or for the very first time. 
Together we will find #whatsbeautiful in living our healthiest life!  

If you have further questions, please email me and hopefully I can help!

Disclosure: I'm part of a sponsored campaign for the What's Beautiful program and I'd love for you to join my team.


Anonymous said...

I added you! :)

fancy nancy said...

LOVE it!!! Heading over later to join your team too!!

Hollie said...

I signed up! Hope I did it right. My goal is for my daughter and I to finish a 5k together.

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