Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Do you know your own strength?

I have to thank Under Armour and their what's beautiful campaign because it is already helping me focus on my STRENGTH.  On what I am capable of as a fit woman, wife, mother and daughter!  

As I set out for my run yesterday, I thought about how often I push through when things get hard.  
How I went from one lifestyle to another because of my own STRENGTH.  One day I was TIRED.  TIRED of living that same old life.  Tired of feeling sorry for myself and asking "why me?"  I was ready to say, I DID IT.  I was ready to celebrate me and know that I was worth much more than what I had given myself credit for.  

I think sometimes as Mom's we forget how strong we are.  
We have the weight of the world on our shoulders....or sometimes we feel like we do?   
I know there are days when I'm preparing meals, cleaning house, running the kids to school-baseball-running club-and any other activities, I feel like WHEW where did that day go.  If I added a full-time job outside of our home into the mix, my head would be spinning!! 

HOWEVER, we must appreciate our strength and take time to work on it, physically.  As a mom with so much on our to-do list each day, we MUST take the time for us.  We deserve to be our happiest and healthiest self right?  My workouts are MY time.  Time for me to focus on my health.  

What good am I to my family if I'm winded by walking up a flight of stairs or if I feel tired and bloated from those over processed foods found all around us?  The triggers of life will surround us always, they will never go away.  

Let me know if this rings a bell....

We get home, we're tired and that couch is calling our name but there's work to be done right?  You can't leave the kids and head to the gym for an hour...there's no instead, bring your kids with you!  Workout as a family.  A bike ride, a walk through the neighborhood, a set of jump ropes and start with 2-3 minute intervals on your back porch!  
Is it 45 minutes in a spin class?  No.  
Are you moving, burning calories and taking care of your heart?  YES!
Are you being that positive role model for your children?  YES!

And isn't that what being a Momma is all about?  
Showing and teaching our children right from wrong, giving them love and support and guiding them in the RIGHT direction for the rest of their lives.
By working out and eating healthy, feeding your kids healthy...we are modeling that behavior they NEED to see.  Too often children see negative behaviors like sitting on the couch, hearing "I'm too tired", eating poor foods because we're "tired" so they then pick up those behaviors.  
If we're a mother that's struggled with weight and health issues, do we want our children to struggle in that same way?  Absolutely NOT!  
That's part of what fuels me and gives me added STRENGTH.  I was that child.  I never want my children to feel intimidated about running a mile in their PE class (as I did), I never want them to crave junk food because it hides the hurt (as I did), I never want them to feel hopeless, powerless and as if they don't know their own strength (as I did).  

If you are a Momma and you have forgotten your own is YOUR time.
Find it again.  Find it for the first time.  Go for your dreams.  
If you want to show up at the gym with confidence, determination and motivation...DO IT!  
If you want to run 13.1 miles and cross the finish line of your first race...DO IT!  
If you want to lose 50lbs and find that energy and greater quality of life...DO IT!
If you want to play with your kids and grandkids without feeling exhausted...DO IT!

Make time for yourself TODAY!

1 cup Isopure vanilla whey
frozen berry mix from TJ's
1 pineapple chunk
1/4 banana

One of my most favorite treats is the Sabra hummus that includes the pretzel thins.  I've told you I have an addiction to pretzels...some like sweets, I LOVE pretzels! So this satisfies that craving and it's SO delicious...I enjoy it with a side salad and it's very filling!  
**You can get these little Sabra hummus/pretzel duo's at any grocery store, Target has them the cheapest :)

Dinner last night was AMAZING!  My husband prepared grilled chicken fajitas, grilled the chicken with onion and bell peppers, then we served on a low carb/high fiber Ole wrap, topped with chicken, plain Greek Chobani, and sliced avocado!  We enjoyed this meal with a 1/2 c brown rice, 1/2 black beans!  It was delicious and our boys LOVED it just as much as we did.  
Tip: If you serve your family healthy meals, your children will adapt and learn that healthy foods are prepared in your home, so if they wanna stay healthy, they will eat what is served.  
**No specialty orders in this pbj or grilled cheese if they don't like dinner!  It may sound cruel but I lived my life on chicken nuggets, french fries, mashed potatoes, grilled cheese and chips...I refuse to allow my children to do the same!  :)

And look at this neat find at our local CVS!   I was walking around the store, waiting on a prescription and stumbled onto these!  how neat!  Love the portioned sections and the little smiley face "happy" foods!  Not too sure that I love the cheeseburger face in the "protein" section but's still a step in the right direction!  Just an idea, when women give birth in the hospital-remember how you receive that diaper bag full of formula and various other goodies?  I think they should stick a plate in their too!  This way parents are equipped from the get-go on what healthy foods and portions they should be feeding their family.  It's true.  Not all families know what's healthy, what's the correct portion for children and adults.  We NEED all families to know this before our obesity epidemic grows even more out of control!

If you are ready to take on a new goal for yourself, join my team!  You are #whatsbeautiful!  Show the world that we can and WILL do this together!  Set a goal, we'll reach it together and I promise to help and support you as much as possible.  Whatever the goal, join my team, state your goal and we will achieve it TOGETHER!!!  Lets do this MOMMAS!!!!
If you are unable to join the team, email me at 
and I will send you a direct invite :)

Disclosure: I'm part of a sponsored campaign for the What's Beautiful program and I'd love for you to join my team.


jillieb2 said...

That smoothie looks yummy! Love the Beautiful campaign! Go to the limit!! :)

Anonymous said...

Be strong momma! You rock!

jillconyers said...

I'm loving this campaign. The FF posts are so motivating and inspiring!

*CaNdY FiT* said...

Shake looks mighty tasty!

Great campaign!

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