Thursday, May 16, 2013

lunch on the go and more!

Some great tips I'd like to share from, 

A simple trick that makes a big difference: Instead of a bag, wrap sandwiches in tin foil to prevent drying out, and keep raw vegetables crisp.  And if you’re interested, here are a few other ways to keep your foods crisp until lunchtime:

·         Ditch the cutting board: Save on prep & cleaning time on busy mornings by making the sandwich directly on a sheet of recyclable foil, wrapping it up in the same sheet.
·         Keep it crisp: If you are including tomato and lettuce, wrap them separately in foil, and add to the sandwich at lunchtime.
·         Make your own veggie tray: Peeled baby carrots and a container of low-fat ranch dressing are an easy healthy choice.  For variety, slice up a rainbow of peppers, celery, broccoli, or cauliflower and then wrap in foil.
·         Stay organized: Use a permanent marker to label what everything is.

I figure these are great tips for those of you that struggle to find the time to pack healthy, eat healthy and exercise!  Just an added step in helping to make HEALTHY LIVING a bit easier for the busy families out there!  Lets face it, life can get hectic quite frequently so tools that make daily life a little simplified are always great!!!  

Yesterday's Workout: for me was one of the best runs I've had in a LONG time...maybe in forever!  I ran a 28 minute 5K, which may not sound impressive but for me-it's HUGE!  I have improved my pace so much lately and I've been working hard at it.  

My first 5K back in 2007 was finished in 44 minutes!  So to be able to run 3.1 in less than 30 minutes was a milestone for me that I will be grateful for and use as fuel for crushing future running and workout goals!  A little post-run flexing because I was so proud!  Ha!

Tried something new yesterday, Almond Breeze unsweetened blend!  Combining almondmilk and thoughts?  It sort of tasted like I was eating suntan lotion in my cereal :( but I'm not used to a strong coconut flavor since the coconut milk I purchase from Trader Joes doesn't have that strong flavor!  Not sure, but I'd love to know if you tried and your thoughts??  It was definitely different but I will not let it go to waste...I'll finish it off and then go back to unsweetned almondmilk!  

And a little afternoon indulgence yesterday!  Apple slices with a little COOKIE BUTTER-I've limited to eating once a week as a treat!  And sprinkled with cinnamon!  Mmmmm!!!!  It's the simple pleasures in life, so thanks to Trader Joe's for a little pep in my apple slices snack from time to time!

And I have to ask WHY?
When I am around people that I don't see often, why do they question our lifestyle?  Why must people bring it up and ask questions like we're from another planet??  I swear, it's like I have to DEFEND our healthy lifestyle CONSTANTLY...and I need help understanding why?  Shouldn't it be the other way around where we question those that eat terribly?  Those that consume far too many high caloric and artery clogging foods?  Ughhhh!  
I just needed to let out a little frustration but ya know what??  
Those are the questions and people that add fuel to my THANK YOU!!!!  
I do not preach to people to eat healthy, to exercise however I will help and offer to help whenever possible because it is my passion.  I want to help others find their best quality of life, but I will not initiate that conversation unless someone asks me first.  I feel that's the right and proper thing to do because in my prior life, I wouldn't want to be pressured into anything at all.  BUT it obviously means they feel the need to bring it up with me, 
"What is that stuff you're eating?", "You eat some strange foods", "Your kids actually eat that?" "Your children never get junk food, how sad."...and that's just to name a few....

Seriously, am I alone in this one?  I need some blogger/health nut support here!!!!???  Please tell me you've dealt with this in some way and I need to know how to not get upset over it...but as I said, it's giving me FUEL today for my first trail run, wish me LUCK!!!!!  


Runner Maybe said...

you are looking good and doing awesome!

misszippy said...

You're looking great and making great progress with the running, too!

I am fortunate to be in a community of like-minded people. Now, if I go back to Ohio, where I grew up, it's a different story. But I just smile and eat the foods that I know are good for me and let it all go. It would be much harder to keep my lips zipped if I dealt with it regularly!

fancy nancy said...

AWESOME job on your speedy 5k!!! I use that milk in my smoothies and it is so yummy!! I like to mix pineapple and other tropical fruits with protein powder, spinach, and that milk....oh yum!!!

Mommy Run Fast said...

Great job on your 5k!! And thanks for the great lunch tips. :)

Lilwelly5 said...

Awesome job on the 5k! You are doing great!

I feel a little like you in having to defend my lifestyle to people that choose not to be active or eat healthy! Mine is more around the amount that I workout and run but I also get teased at work ( and I work in a hospital) about working to make healthy choices when it comes to eating. I dont understand it either and I feel your frustration!

Lili J said...

Congrats on the 5k time!! I have GOT to get back to the gym. I haven't worked out since having the baby and he's almost 6 months old- dont think that's an excuse anymore :(

jillconyers said...

Congrats! You look amazing and so happy :)

Just recently at work someone said, "you really eat like that all the time don't you." Now what the heck does that mean?!?! I've heard whispers in the staff room, "that looks disgusting." Really?!?! First, I'm right here! I'm so close that if I reach out I can touch you! Do you think I can't hear you? I just laugh to myself and pretend like I didn't hear you as you eat your second meal of the day out of the vending machine. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

I nominated you a very inspiring blog award!

Carrie Worsencroft said...

those are some great ideas, thanks for sharing

Marathon Mom said...

Oh my yes! I get these comments all the time since my 3 year old loves fruit and veggies and has never stepped into a fast food place except Chipotle or the like. She rarely has candy, only as treats and doesn't know the difference. So frustrating that this is not the norm!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

You look awesome!!
When people ask me and look disgustingly at my "weird" foods. I just ever so pleasantly reply "at least I don't have to worry about my ass getting big". It's amazing how quickly they shut up. 😄

Amanda Alvey

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