Tuesday, May 21, 2013

#whatsbeautiful to you?

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For me it means many different things, 

#whatsbeautiful is putting my health and the health of my family as a top priority
every day I strive to set a good example for my family and the people around me.  
To me, there's nothing more beautiful than a woman who can juggle all that motherhood brings-which is A LOT and still manage to keep their health and their families health in check!

STRENGTH is #whatsbeautiful 
There's nothing more beautiful than a strong, healthy woman...wouldn't you agree?

a person who makes NO EXCUSES is #whatsbeautiful
I totally admire a person that can tell it like it is, no excuses.  They admit their faults and want to work on making themselves happier and healthier.  There's something so genuine about that.

CONFIDENCE is #whatsbeautiful
I work on this one often.  I have a hard time building my self-esteem and confidence but I admit this as a fault of mine that I want to improve.  It's so hard to be a former-fat girl and see a different image in the mirror.  I know I'm a different, stronger woman but it's so hard to tell my mind to believe what my heart feels!  

#whatsbeautiful...pushing my son in the stroller on my run this morning.  I made no excuses and decided I'd get my workout in, regardless of the busy day ahead.

And I hope in some way I can be part of that for you...
If there's anything that you take from my blog, I hope it is that I truly want this world to be happy, healthy place.  I cringe seeing what Americans consume in a day, with little or no exercise.  
It is SCARY. Wouldn't you agree?
Whether you're young or old, overweight or thin, we ALL need to put our health as a top priority.  We should have the energy to be active with our families.  We deserve that, don't we?  We should all have the determination to reach for the impossible.  We should all feel STRONG and CONFIDENT when it comes to setting health and fitness goals.  There should be no goal too high or too out of reach.  

Believe in yourself and the impossible can happen! 
Even if you have no support with your family and friends.  Dig deep and find it in YOURSELF. 
We are ALL worth it.
If someone is discouraging you or holding you back from your health and fitness goals, find more positive, uplifting people to be around.  

I get very upset when I hear that someone trying to lose weight or get healthy doesn't have support at home.  Why would loved ones not want you to be healthy?  That's awful to think about, isn't it?  You never know what someone struggles with at home, so that's why I always stress that I WAS that overweight, lost girl for so long.  I can and will be that support and person they can turn to when things get hard.  They must learn to lean on themselves but they also need someone in their corner...someone cheering them on each step of the way.  Unless you've lived that life, I think it's harder for people to relate.  Each personal struggle has its own lessons learned and mine were given to me for a reason...to help people.  I truly believe that.  
My heart breaks for all those lost people out there that have forgotten that they are #whatsbeautiful.  
Lets come together and remind each and every woman that we are ALL BEAUTIFUL.  We can all do amazing things if we set our hearts and minds to it.  
Lets come together and DREAM BIG!!!
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What's for dinner?
I'm addicted to making homemade pizzas.  They are quick, easy and delicious!  
For these I used NAAN whole wheat bread topped with tomatoes, mixed veggies and ground turkey.  A little cheese on top just because :)
I served it with steamed artichoke that I drizzled with light Italian dressing and lemon.  YUM! and some steamed broccoli, the kids' favorite veggie!

If you take the time once a week to brown lean ground turkey meat, you'll be surprised at how many healthy meals it'll make.  I used these 2lbs of ground turkey for baked burritos, you'll find on my recipe page! then for the pizzas and again tonight to add to our salads.  You can add flavorings to make the turkey blend with all meal ideas and the possibilities are pretty much, endless!  
**I cannot say enough that when you are prepared, there's no room for failure.  You can reach in your fridge and pack a healthy lunch in 5 minutes or less!  What's not to love about that?  EVERY, SINGLE day I am able to pack healthy foods or prepare healthy foods in little to no time because of these make-ahead proteins and veggies.  Then dinner making takes minutes and you have your fruits, grains, vegetables and protein for days of healthy lunches and dinners :) 

My lean ground turkey being layered on a low carb/high fiber tortilla and mixed with black beans, kidney beans and chick peas.  I wrap them up and bake at 375 for 20 minutes or until slightly crispy.  I serve on a bed of lettuce and topped with sliced avocado and a spoon of plain Greek yogurt!!!  

My thoughts and prayers go out to Oklahoma today...it's all I can think about.  

disclosure: I am part of the Under Armour #whatsbeautiful sponsored campaign.  


Marathon Mom said...

Great post! I too made no excuses and pushed my daughter in the stroller while I ran, way to go running mama :)

jillconyers said...

Jen is right! Great post! With family, work, etc. no, it's not easy but it's worth it to make the time!

Mommy Run Fast said...

Great post, Marissa! I completely agree that confidence and strength are where true beauty lies.

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