Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter week eats!

...and there might have been a few bites of marshmallow bunnies along the way!

The week revolves around temptations , doesn't it? Whether its fattening foods with families or the wonderful candy aisles packed full of pastel-colored goodness! It's all around us but if we're smart, we can indulge a little without all of the guilt!

We prepped for the week and had plenty of salmon, turkey and chicken as well as lots of salads, veggies and fruit!

The week started with a special delivery from Sincerely Nuts garlic pistachios and Oh My good! Great flavor and a nice way to mix up the ordinary!
Then I decided to prepare plenty of boiled eggs for the week as a simple, grab and go snack option and it worked out great! Some days we are it with the yolk, other days we went for the white-only! Either way it makes a great snack when you're hungry and in between meal times! Remember, the key is STAYING prepared!!
I added the baked salmon, which is such a great protein that stays fresh all week long, to my salads. Seems as though I have a salad as lunch or dinner each day. Salads, made the healthy way, are a fantastic way to keep you fuller, longer while getting in your veggies and protein!
Easter egg dyeing was great this year, these tough guys only cracked one egg in the process! Yay, a successful experience!
Another prepped idea- baked sweet potatoes! I top mine with a little plain Greek yogurt, lentils from TJ ;-) and LF cheese. I went a little nuts with the toppings on this potato pictured here because it was Easter!! Gotta have a little fun right?
And lastly, my Easter Day snack that really hit the spot...a little natural almonds, garlic pistachios and a few peanut m&m's!!! Mmmm! So good!
Happy Easter and although you should enjoy time with family, and have some jelly beans and chocolate, keep focused on your goals! This week is a new week...make that change!! Be your BEST self ;-) it IS possible!

Get out there and enjoy working out outdoors! It's spring time and time to get out there & take it all in! I am going to focus on my running and try to kick it up while finding a great race to sign up husband and I haven't participated in an organized race since February and we had a goal of one a month...gotta make up for March so maybe 2 in April?! We'll see!

Are you signed up for a fun, Spring race coming up?
How do you stay focused during a holiday filled with food and CANDY?!


Anonymous said...

Great Easter eats!! Love pistachios... most addictive nut next to cashews.

fancy nancy said...

They are too cute!! I'm taking a cue from you and baking up some salmon tonight. I love it...honestly would eat it every day but I am the only one in the family that does! I can work it into the lunch rotation!! Happy Easter!

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