Saturday, March 9, 2013

START somewhere!

 I always stress the importance of BALANCE.  
Finding a way to make healthy eating and exercise work for you and your family!
For us, it's a work in progress...constantly changing.  Thankfully my boys catch on and really enjoy eating healthy and exercising with us.

My goals for my family are to always put our health as a top priority, we try to stick to a healthy diet with daily exercise and feed our boys good, nutritious foods and keep them active while having FUN!  
If you're just beginning your journey, want to get active and moving as a family, or simply lead a healthier lifestyle 
here are some tips to help you get started...

GET MOVING. It doesn't have to be running or spin class, keep in mind that moving can mean dancing, cycling, jogging, walking, playing basketball.  Choose the exercise that's right for you.  Finding what makes you happy is the key to long term success!  And MAKE IT FUN  :)

PLAN. If you can't go to the gym for 2 hours after work, that's okay.  Plan it out and if some days it's only 15 minutes before work or school and 10 minutes are MOVING!  It's much better than nothing.  Write down your workout goals the evening before.  When you wake up refreshed, you'll able to see your goals written down and focus on how you'll achieve them throughout your day!  
*Planning is very important in the success of healthy living!

FIND OTHERS.  Find encouraging, supportive people to exercise with you or help to hold you accountable.  If you share your foods, workouts and habits with friends, it may help keep you focused and you can share and celebrate your successes with those people too!  
I am fortunate to have my husband there to support and push me every step of the way and I do the same for him!

PUSH.  Often times "moving" is great in itself, but push yourself a little more each day.  A leisurely walk down the street may be okay but if you kick it up into a brisk walk, you'll notice change in the way your body responds and you may surprise yourself and take off running!  

LUNCH ON THE GO.  Try changing things and if you're lunch break is 30 minutes, go for a 20 minute walk and eat afterward!  Or walk up and down the stairs for 20 minutes.  You'll amaze yourself at the quick calorie burn!  I used to have 45 minutes for lunch.  I'd use 30 minutes to run/walk intervals and eat the last 10-15 minutes!  It helps you stay focused with your healthy eating AND gets you moving without using your morning or evening time!  

GOALS/REWARDS.  Sign up for a local run or walk.  Once you reach that goal, splurge on new workout gear!  Set short term goals that are within reach, once you reach that one...set another and another!  Keep aiming higher and you'll amaze yourself at what you are capable of.

And for those of you who hear, "you're obsessed" all too often...
This stood out to me because I all too often hear, "you're obsessed" or "she won't eat that"...

NO I am not obsessed. 
I am dedicated. 
And you wanna know why? 
I know what doing NOTHING felt like and I didn't like it AT ALL.  
When I did nothing in terms of working out and eating healthy, I felt like nothing.  
Like I didn't matter.
When I finally started fueling my body with the RIGHT foods and exercising regularly, 
I finally felt alive.  
Like I was worth so much more than I gave myself credit for.  
So if people want to call you "obsessed" with exercise and nutrition, 
take it as a HUGE COMPLIMENT!!!


Nadine said...

Love the quote! Obsessed that totally describes my approach to running & school right now.
I love morning workouts, hard to pull off Monday to Friday but starting a Saturday with a long run is fabtastic

Hollie said...

Love this post. I am looking for a 5k to sign up for. I almost have my hubby convinced to train for one too!

Anonymous said...

Great tips and well said! Don't listen to what other people think you should be doing. Do what makes you happy and forget about all the other stuff! And I have come to love it when people say that I am obsessed. It shows that I am working my buns off! Keep at it Ree! You are doing fab!!

jillconyers said...

Love this! If I had a dollar every time someone said I was obsessed...well, you know :)

I take it as a compliment too! It's hard not to when you're "obsessed" about things that are so good for you and make you feel amazing!

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