Tuesday, August 9, 2011

...and that's all it takes!

Don't know about you, but certain days of the week I TOTALLY LACK MOTIVATION to exercise! Yes, even the one that LOVES to exercise has days where I'm just not feeling it and lately, it's been often due to this heat and since I have no gym membership, no chance of a workout on a treadmill in the cool A/C!!
All it takes for me to find that motivation?
Listening to others talk about their workouts, watching a health-related show on tv, fellow health bloggers and their workout posts/tweets, or looking at pictures of myself in my not-so-fit days! Yesterday was one of those days, so I turn on the tv as I'm preparing dinner(I prepared dinner at noon yesterday) and BAM! it was Jillian Michaels talking about exercise and how it makes her feel! I probably watched her for 3 minutes before putting on my workout clothes and getting it done! Ha! I did a nice 3 mile run and then in honor of her pep talk, Jillian's 6 week 6 pack 2! It felt great!

We all have to find what works for us, individually. We all have different triggers and motivations that keep us active. If not, you must find that motivation in your life again. When you find it and acknowledge it, you will see a different side of yourself that you might have thought you lost. For me, when I'm having a stressful day...exercise is the ONLY cure! A long time ago, it was food. But that food left me feeling empty and guilty afterward. These days when I use exercise, I feel great and have a sense of accomplishment with each workout...big or small. I guess you can say it's like exchanging one thing for another. But using exercise instead of food, makes me feel satisfied and proud! A huge change from the "old me"!

Do you have days like that? How do you shake it off and get out there and EXERCISE?


Penny said...

I definitely have days like that. I know if I just get the the gym or get my running clothes on. I will feel so good about myself and that I accomplished another workout today.

It is hard to stay motivated. I know lots of people do races. I'm not a real fan of races. I tend to get way to nervous.

I glad you got your workout in today. Keep on going girl.

Anonymous said...

I always think about the way I will feel once the workout was over! I will feel amazing and proud of myself for sucking it up and pounding out a good workout. I've also never regretted a workout but have regretted not doing one!

WannabeRunner said...

Oohhh i definitely have days like that. Sometimes, i succumb to the pressure and just take a day off. Other times I feel guilty enough until i just work out!

Anonymous said...

I feel so guilty if I skip a workout and then read about everyone else's. It's good, but it also means I sometimes work out when I shouldn't.

Kristina Everhart said...

I hear you. I've been focusing on my running and neglecting my kickboxing class. Went back today and it totally kicked my butt.

Have you stopped doing the workout hop?

jillconyers said...

Some of my no motivation busters are health, fitness and running pinterest boards, quotes, reading fitness blogs, talking about running...they almost always do the trick. Once I'm out the door or the workout has started I'm fine.

I don' t have a gym membership either and the heat is a motivation squasher!

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