Friday, August 26, 2011

a few more days...and my weekend!

What kiddo wouldn't love one of these??! That cup of water is just TOO stinkin' cute!! So WHY HAVEN'T YOU ENTERED YET??!!!

Since the giveaway ends this weekend, I wanted to share a picture of the new gift set up for grabs! Super cool, right? These small tools help make mealtime healthier! I know that I am very cautious of what I prepare now more than ever because I know each group must make it on my kiddos plate! What a brilliant idea and I can't wait to hear what you and your family think! Amy @ Super Healthy Kids is always there to share some great tips and meal ideas for you and your family, so head on over right after you enter!

Rules for the giveaway are HERE!

Today's Workout: A nice, 3 miler before getting dressed for Meet the Teacher! My son has one more year of preschool-he will be attending 3 days this year! He is excited to see all of his friends! Not sure how many workouts I'll get in over the weekend...its my friends bachelorette party weekend in Galveston and all 17 of us girls are looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend on the beach :)


kimert said...

Kids grow up too fast!
That set is cute. I wish mine were still young enough to appreciate those little sweet sets. Hope you had a great workout!

cooperl788 said...

The set is definitely really cute! I like the water cup the best; kids don't drink nearly enough of it! Anyway, it's exciting that Jacob is starting another year of preschool! He's going to have such a great time!

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