Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Will I Tri? (updated)

**This kind is different.....10 minute swim in lap pool, 30 minutes on spinning bike, and 20 minute treadmill run! You are competing on distance covered in time allowed! Basically this takes away my fear of coming in last! Ha! You will be on a timer and you just push out as much as you can in that time frame! Make sense? What do ya think? source
Since I started my weight loss journey in 2001, I told myself I would accomplish something I had ALWAYS wanted to do but never thought possible in my previous lifestyle. It was like in that life-changing moment, I made a deal with myself to complete something that I NEVER thought I could do. Something that would push me to continue this healthy lifestyle for the rest of my life and hopefully motivate and impact others along the way, showing them that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!! It was actually two things.
1. I will be taking on in first half marathon! WOOHOO!
1.The other, a triathlon!
I had looked into this indoor tri before but the dates never worked out. But there's a few dates in September that might work out and I'm thinking for $30, I figure what's to lose! BUT I have a few gym membership for swimming or treadmill :(
Would I survive this indoor tri on little or no training??! I don't want my fears holding me back and I'm thinking if I use this race as a starting off point, maybe a "real" tri is in my future?!

How about you? Have you ever participated in an indoor race?

Today's Workout: nice, morning run with a cool breeze and sprinklers going like crazy! I'm not gonna lie, I ran through EVERY sprinkler I could find! Ha! My favorite running song right now is "This Boy's Fire"-Carlos Santana and Jennifer Lopez! An oldie, but goodie! It's the song I find on the playlist when I feel like I'm moving in slow motion and I need some motivation to kick myself back into gear! It works every time!
Do you have a song that pumps you up during your workouts?


Katie Schmidt said...

I love triathlons and I think you should go for it. Let me know if you want any advice on training and gear! They are easier than half marathons in my opinion!!

Anonymous said...

I really, really want to tri. I just need to learn to cycle and swim and I'll be golden. I guess the indoor tri would make the cycling a little easier, right?

kimert said...

I have no advice or info about a tri. It's just not for me. I've thought about them but I hate to swim swim... know what i mean?

Anyway, there are a LOT of songs that pump me up. I'd have to really think on that though to give you the list. One particular song is Cyndi Lauper "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!" teehee

jillconyers said...

I've never participated in an indoor race but I love this concept. Kind of a pseudo-tri. One of my goals is to complete a tri and so far it's been a no go all due to my fear of doing so poorly on the swimming part.

A favorite song right now is anything Black Eyed Peas and a song totally out of my typical listening Kick Start My Heart. I think it's by Motley Crue? Perfect for an awesome running pace! Works every time.

cooperl788 said...

This looks so cool! I would totally try for something like that; it seems like a great way to do it too - no heat or misery of the outside, and there's a finite time. As for my favorite workout song; it's Missy Elliot's "Work It". It always puts a smile on my face, and the beat is really fast.

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