Tuesday, September 11, 2012

new spokesperson and more!

What do you think of the new Jessica
Simpson Weight Watchers commercial?

"There is a lot of pressure to lose weight, but I'm not a supermodel," Simpson says in the video. "I'm just Jessica, trying to eat real food in the real world, and I really just want to be healthy for my daughter." - Jessica Simpson

Personally, I love Jessica!  I used to watch her on Newlyweds and thought she was hilarious and very real.  I watched the media bash her for her pregnancy weight gain, but I knew she was putting it on only to take it off as a celebrity face for one of the front running, weight loss brands.  While studying weight loss and nutrition on one of my college essays, I researched the trends in weight loss including companies like Atkins, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and NutriSystem.  In my research, I found that WW had the highest success rate because it was a program that allowed for flexibility and for its customers to eat "real" food instead of processed foods that its users could not sustain over long periods of time.  
Another hats-off to WW for gaining Jess as a spokesperson because I know she has the willpower to transform before our eyes...uh, I know we all remember her role as Daisy Duke!!  Sickening!!  Ha!
Also, my aunt and cousin have lost a combined 60lbs so far on the WW program, so if you're struggling to find what may work for you, Jessica may be on to something!  

I say first and foremost, find what works for YOU!  We live in a world of quick-fix diets and we all want the easy way to lose weight and get healthy.  But we must keep in mind, it takes hard work and dedication to see lasting results and to truly change your life.  Famous people are going to make it look easy
 because ...well, they are famous!  Ha!  But it's something you work at each and every day!  
Push yourself and you'll find yourself doing things that you never thought possible!  

Ever add CRUNCH to your LUNCH??

Try layering a wrap with sunflower seeds, chia seeds, or flaxseed?  It adds crunch to an ordinary wrap and it adds some extra flavor!  I layered sliced turkey, avocado, lettuce and slivered purple onion with some chia and sunflower seeds to this low-carb, high fiber tortilla!  Mmmm!   
Although I have been sticking to a smoothie for lunch, this was a nice change! 

We made a difficult decision this weekend...
I think it all comes back to myself and my insecurities from being an overweight, inactive teen and I DO NOT want that for my children...ever!  Since Jake was 3, I have placed him in soccer, t-ball, and now football.  I have to stop thinking that if he's not overly involved in sports, he'll grow up unhealthy like I did.  Shame on me as a mother...
Although he looked super handsome in his football gear, football is NOT for him at this age.  He's 110% boy, loves to be outside and loves to be rough and tough...however, he tends to analyze himself and allows his timid and shy behavior to get in the way.  Like with baseball, now that he has confidence, he's amazing!  Hits 45mi/hr pitches and can strike his Momma and Daddy out when pitching!  From the beginning, he loved football and still does...in our backyard.  When he would hit the field, he would tense up and make himself a nervous wreck about doing the right thing, making the right move and it came to a point where he was no longer smiling on the field, only worried about doing something right or wrong.  It was hard to watch, especially when these kids are 5 and 6, different maturity levels, the kids that had their dads out there were getting all of the special attention.  At his age and with his personality, he needs assurance that he's doing something right and it wasn't there.  It's SO hard to see your kid, knowing he has SO much potential, not being able to show it because he feels nervous or afraid.  It's the worst feeling as a parent...the worst.  
It was NOTHING like I had imagined.  I had heard all of the bad rumors about sports...once your kids get into them you realize who your friends are, who is there just to see their kid succeed and so on.  BUT I never realized it would be as bad as it was and for a kid like Jake, he's not ready for all that.  He's extremely athletic, so I'm not sure why I pushed him to do this?  
We decided to pull him.  Yes, some would say we QUIT and you can say whatever you want, it was THE best decision for our family.  We enjoy running, camping, playing basketball at our house...we keep our family active, so I'm not sure why I felt so rushed to put him into so many organized sports.  ??  So I'm asking all of you...
What's your experience with sports and your children?  

For personal reasons, I have a complex that if children aren't THE best in sports, they'll end up the way I did...overweight, inactive and unhealthy.  

BUT I must remind myself that I'm setting the example, the standard for our family and we are active, we eat healthy and I won't allow my children to feel lost when it comes to their health.  EVER.  I think I need to let go of my insecurities that I felt growing up and just let my kids, BE KIDS!  They are happy, full of energy boys that we love SO much and I shouldn't ask for anything more.  


Lissa said...

i love that WW has picked a new spokesperson and I agree Jessica is amazing...she is real and that is what all women and men need when they are approaching losing weight - real talk, real life approach, real stories. Don't make it seem pretty and perfect - show the work.

I love her tv spot. It inspired me!

Run with Jess said...

I've always really liked Jessica too (maybe it's the name?). She's a little airheaded at times, but like you said... REAL. I think she embodies the tough time that all women have with maintaining a healthy weight... up and down, always a factor. I hope she does well for WW.

Bridie Sellers said...

I think it is about being active, and about being the best they can be, not necessarily the best on the field! We haven't encountered anything negative in organized sports yet. Gavin only did 1 yr of flag football and didn't like it. This spring we overloaded ourselves with track, soccer, and baseball. Baseball is not his strong point. I asked him to consider dropping one sport this spring, and even though he is really good at soccer and track, told myself that it was his decision if he decided to drop one of those. Lucky for me, he decided to drop baseball :)

What we emphasize in track and now xc, is to go out there and do your best. The kids are all at different skill levels, but we are cheering each and every one of them on just the same, no matter what their times are.

Elle said...

I saw that WW commercial and I thought she came across as very sincere. I don't have any special feelings about JS either way, but I do like the commercial and of course I am WW lifetimer so it is important to me how they advertise.

I have no children so cannot comment on your decision re your son, other than to say I think it is wonderful that you make these decisions together and with the best of intentions. It must be very difficult not to project your own feelings and insecurities into these situations. I think you and your husband must be just awesome parents and role models!

I have been making wraps lately from ground flax and eggs as I am now eating no gluten and I love the idea of as much crunch as possible! I often add sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds to my salads and sammies!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I love Jessica and hate that the media is always trying to publish unflattering photos of her. I think she will be a great spokeswoman for weight watchers.

jillconyers said...

I rarely watch TV so I haven't seen the commercials, but I think JS is a great choice.

It's tough being mom but remember what we do now and everyday is what our kids will remember. You're a wonderful role model.

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