Friday, September 28, 2012

We are "champions"

Last night after our son's T-ball practice, we received a package on our doorstep!
Yay, it was a huge supply of Chobani Champions for our family to try!

Look at all those flavors to choose from...

...and markers, a snack bag and cool water bottle for the boys were SO happy :)

What'd we think?
WE LOVE THEM!  Packed with protein and delicious flavor varieties that my kids love, what's not to love?
We decided to open one of each flavor and all sample to give our opinions!  
Verry Berry:  AWESOME!  Tasted like a fruit smoothie and my son thought this one was sooo good!  
Vanilla Chocolate Chunk:  Tasted great and had just enough sweetness!  Would make a great dessert when those sweet cravings kick in!  Or a special treat for your kiddos on a Friday night!
Honey-Nana:  Might be my fav!  YUMMY!!!  The name says it all!
Orange Vanilla:  Tastes great but as a family, our least favorite!  That's probably because the orange flavor, my son's just aren't huge fans!  BUT it still has great taste and tastes like a dreamsicle, which my Mom loves!

And most importantly, what did our picky eater think? ?

He loved the Vanilla Chocolate Chunk which is a HUGE deal since he does not like yogurt AT ALL!  Guess Chobani Champions have changed his mind :)  and that makes me a happy Momma! Both of our boys asked for one with breakfast and kept saying how great they tasted!  
Two, happy and satisfied boys were ready to start the day!

Some great facts about Chobani Champions,

  • You can freeze them and pack in your kids lunches!  They can freeze up to three months.
  • Made with 2% milk and contains 20% of daily amount Vitamin D
  • 100 calories and packed with 8 grams of protein
  • Made with only natural ingredients
To learn more, visit Chobani Champions

Today's Workout:  3 mile run at my fastest pace since last Fall!  Woohoo!  
That's something to be proud of, right?  Maybe it's the new running shoes??  
YES my husband surprised me with a pair of Mizuno Wave Creation 13 
I love these shoes!  They gave me the right support in all of the right places and I felt faster!  Is that possible?  I know that my shoes were over a year old, which had way too many miles on them so that might be why...whatever the reason, I'm loving them and today's run was fabulous!  My husband and I are committed to getting back to where we were at this time, last year!  It's sad to see how much we've slacked off over the summer, but we have been working for several weeks on getting our miles back up there and our pace where it belongs :)  

I'll keep ya posted on our progress, but so far I'm averaging a 10min mile and he's at 8.5
No where to go but UP so I'll consider these past few weeks our practice and starting off point!  Our five year old is our running buddy so when we're not feeling the run, he's there telling us to push, go faster and keep going!  Especially on those days where we'd really like to take a day off, he's begging to go out for a run, putting on his clothes and shoes and telling us to hurry up!  Ha!  

Have you tried Chobani Champions with your family?
What shoes are you loving during your workouts?  I know you have a favorite :)

**Stay tuned:  I have some exciting news for all of my readers 
from Color in Motion 5K race series! **

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Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Those sound like some really yummy flavors! I haven't seen them around here yet, but I do love regular Chobani

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