Tuesday, September 18, 2012

what about discipline?

To reach our health and fitness goals, we've discussed that it's going to take hard work, dedication, motivation and we can't get there by making excuses!
But, what about discipline?  
I personally think that it takes quite a bit of discipline to accomplish our fitness and weight loss goals.  I mean, think about it...
We must choose food wisely and make healthier choices.  
We must get ourselves to the track, gym, garage, or wherever we choose to workout!  
We must set goals that are within reach and figure out what it takes to get there!  
All of these things require discipline!  
I'd choose discipline over regret ANY DAY, what about you?  

     Looking back on my life living as an overweight teen and young adult, I have many regrets.  

     Something that has never changed is my want and ability to have FUN!  To not take life too seriously and use laughter as a stress relief!  Plus, if I was funny then they wouldn't see my weight, right? 
But did I have self-discipline?  I really don't think so.  Not when it came to my eating habits, my lack of exercise, my emotional attachment to food...nah, don't think I did and with that came regret.   

    I guess I just look at today's youth, with so many of them overweight or obese and think...I hope they find the motivation, courage, and the discipline needed for change before they look back and regret SO much of their life.  I feel sad that they sometimes don't see the light, the hope and happiness that is there waiting for them.  
We all have it inside of us but sometimes we must change things and push things around to finally SEE it!  It's there, in each of us.  That ability to push forward when things seem hopeless.  When the goals seem too big and that they'll never be reached.  We've all been there.  
The marathon runners had to start somewhere.  The Olympic athletes started somewhere.  
WE ALL START SOMEWHERE.  It's when we choose to make that change 
and how we achieve our goals that truly matters!  
Get out there and make TODAY that day :-)

All I need are these pictures to keep me in check and help with my discipline...
January 2001
*Don't even know who that girl is anymore and I'd like to keep it that way FOREVER!!


fancy nancy said...

You're right! We all have it inside of us...it is just believing in us when no one else may. You're such an inspiration!!!

Sweat Is My Sanity said...

OH it pains my heart so much to see over weight kids. :( I just want to take them home and show them how to live a healthier life. I can't imagine starting out with a weight problem, childhood is hard enough as it is. Hey Marissa, I'm flying to Baltimore as I type this for the Fitbloggin' 2012 Conference. You must come next year....it should be fun but I wish I could meet you here. I'm nervous because I don't know any of my roomies. It will be interesting.:) Hopefully one of them isn't an axe murderer or a clepto. Ha. Have a fab weekend. Great post btw.

jillconyers said...

Discipline is so much easier than regret!

Samantha said...

I work in the medical field and cannot tell you how many kids I see overweight and even way obese. There's so many factors that play into them being that way, I really just want to shake them and say find yourself! Being healthy is tough but so worth it! Take charge of your life!
I agree it def takes dedication!!! And perseverance!

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