Wednesday, September 12, 2012

PORTION CONTROL...or lack there of!

Just thought I'd share some great products that are there to help us with portion control!  If you're struggling to lose weight or get your diet in control, sometimes portion is KEY.  Just because something may seem "healthy", we can always overindulge and at that point, we were better off eating that greasy cheeseburger.  The key is moderation.

In a world with the "bigger is better" attitude in regards to food, we sure could use some products that help make it all a little easier for us to see how much Americans are actually being served...and a way to help feed our families the right amount of food, every time.  Sometimes when we really measure out portions, we're shocked at the actual serving size...take a look at some of my fav's!

Have you seen these?
"Not only do these ultra-light bags take the mess and effort out of portioning bulk foods, Perfect Portions™ Bags offer unbeatable freezer burn protection* when used with Ziploc® brand Freezer bags. "
 I think these are pretty cool for those times when you buy large portions of protein and need a great way to separate but keep it all fresh...I'll be trying them soon, what about you?  It's a great way to keep our portions in check too...measure it out, use the portion bags and freezer bags and you're all set...then when you're ready, thaw cook and serve!  

What about HealthySteps?
They are known for their great products that help us eat a balanced meal while on the go.  Check out this cereal scoop to help you grab that perfect portion before you head out the door!  They have single serving containers for cheese, nuts, salad dressings and MUCH more!  

This is a great visual and teaching tool when learning about portion sizes and how to make sure we're not over eating or eating too little from certain food groups.  If you have a child/teen that may be struggling with weight, this plate may be a great resource to help show them, instead of only telling them about serving size.  It worked great with my health education students, they were shocked at the actual serving sizes of so many popular food items.  Great for those visual learners!

And the very cool, 

They have a very cool, Portion Prep Center pictured above,"cutting surface, scale and measuring cup all in one convenient tool. With a textured surface and non-skid feet this cutting board will stay put through the heaviest of use. It also has an integrated food scale with a detachable portion tray so you can make sure all of your tasty vegetables are in the proper proportions to keep you lean and fit! "

Hope some of these items will help you keep your portion sizes in control while at work, school or simply living your busy life!  It's nice to know that so many companies out there are striving to make healthy living easier for all of us!

Today's Workout:
My husband and I are sure feeling the results of slacking on our mileage this summer and it's hard to face it 


My husband and I have signed up with my son for our first 5K in...well, it's been too long.  
Sad but true.  
This means we've been out training...or somewhat training.  It is pretty disappointing but like we've both said, it's our fault.  We go through workout ups and downs and changed up our routines throughout the summer to deal with the heat.  
Not making excuses, we are 100% to blame BUT it's a sad truth.  To see where you used to be at this point last year and figuring out where you are now...definitely not where we should or want to be.  

THE GOOD NEWS?  That we see our goals, they are set, we are motivated and ready to get our training and mileage back to where they were at this time last year!  
It's never too late!
The great thing is that we have one another to keep one another on track.  We fix it before it gets out of control and thanks to our five year old, who loves to run, he keeps us motivated too!  He's ready to hit the high school track and try some intervals out there, BUT we need to step up our game before we're hitting the track with all the other runners.  
This gives us fuel that we need to succeed.  It motivates us because we wanna be the best that we can be for our children and for each other.

We used to be really good about signing up for races monthly, but obviously got off track. 

What are your favorite ways to keep your portions in control? I'd love for you to share!!

How do you keep your training and workouts up where they needs to be, year-round?  



test blog said...
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Sweat Is My Sanity said...

I'm in the same boat. I took a blog break which lead to a running break....really the heat was a no brainer. I couldn't do it. I'm dying now though, it's still hot here and I recently realized my running break that seemed like only a few months was closer to five!!! Time flew by. It's taking me longer to get my mojo back. :/ How's your back feeling? Let's chat... Jessica Washburn

jillconyers said...

I want a Portion Prep Center!! I keep my portions in check by knowing the serving size and with a favorite kitchen gadgets, my scale.

I've found that the best way to stay on track year around is to always have a workout plan and a goal. Both of these keep me focused.

Bridie Sellers said...

I just bought a food scale to be even more accurate. Before that, I would use a measuring cup for things like cereal, or for snacks like goldfish or chips I would literally count out how many pieces it says a serving size is on the bag!

I don't worry as much about fruits and veggies - hard to overeat on those, unless it's like potatoes and corn which I don't eat often.

I have gotten off track with going to the gym early in the mornings to cross train. I've stayed up on my running, but coaching ensures I am out there, and the hubs encourages me to get it in the days I am not feeling it. Plus I have a min mileage goal that I try to hit - so if I am not feeling my training plan for the week, I try to get 30 miles in one way or another.

Samantha said...

I have been off on my eating, portion control, an working out! These tools are awesome to help with potion control. I will probably get the bags!! I just need to go back to basics and write everything down again!

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