Wednesday, February 20, 2013

are you annoying?

I don't think that I want this question answered honestly by any of my family and friends...

There are times when I feel talking about my passion is too much.  Well even when it's too much, I still do it...I can't help myself!!
Seriously, I know there are people in my life that will allow me to go on and on about working out, my healthy foods and being active, and they look interested.  For all I know they are probably sitting there thinking, "will she EVER stop talking"  Ha!
But I have a hard time NOT talking about something health and fitness related....
does that make me annoying?   
Have you ever thought about it?  
Sometimes I feel like I have to turn that part of my life off for a bit which is okay but it's so hard for me.  Like really hard...

I'm not sure if it's that I used to be unhealthy and I want to share how great life feels these days with people that I love...
or if it's that I truly believe that just talking about healthy living will magically make the entire world stand up and start working out, wherever they are-they'll throw out the junk food and start living a whole new way of life!  *ya know I totally wish it was the second one!

Since I have started using social media A LOT more via Instagram and Twitter, I find myself wanting to post every workout, recipe and calorie burned.  
But then I stop and think, oh my gosh I must be SO annoying to some people...
Of course I totally feel better when I scroll through IG and Twitter finding SO many others doing the exact same thing and they aren't annoying to me.  And when my husband and I talk about health and fitness, we get so excited that we have to calm ourselves down or if we're both in an intense workout, we get each other all sorts of pumped up!  Yea we are that crazy couple!

So that leads me to... 
  I was fat, unhealthy, had high blood pressure and never wanted to sweat ON PURPOSE.  I thought exercise was the devil.  I loved junk food and anything that came in a box or bag...especially a fast food bag.  My husband did the same thing and I truly believe when you've been there, experienced it and overcome it, you have a whole new outlook on life and you wanna share that excitement with everyone you know, even if it makes you annoying :)
I have faced the fact that some will listen, some won't.  
All I want is to help as many people as possible understand that anything is possible.  Anything!  And that it's never too late to turn your life around.  

post-workout pose!  Burned 585 calories AT HOME!
 You don't need a gym to get your sweat on...get out there, burn some calories and make changes that will positively impact your health, your life and the lives of your family and friends!

Yesterday's EATS
Meal 1:  2 eggs, spinach and oven turkey omelette!  Easy and delicious...
was prepared in 5 minutes!  
No excuses!
 Meal 2:  post-workout Green smoothie!  2 cups spinach, water-combine until liquid.  Add 1 scoop Isopure zero carb protein powder-vanilla, coconut milk, 4 strawberries, 1/2 banana, 1/2 kiwi.  Blend and enjoy!  

Meal 3: romaine lettuce, carrots, broccoli, 1/4 avocado, 1 c lentils-warmed.

Meal 4: 1 small apple sprinkled with cinnamon and a graham topped with almond butter.

Meal 5: roasted Brussels that were prepped on Monday. Spaghetti squash topped with the Italian-style turkey medley you can find HERE.  

Make this week a great one!  I know I am staying focused by thinking that pretty soon here in Texas, it'll be time for swimming and the beach.  Ugh the dreaded bathing suit season :( but I am focused, I am determined and I WILL SEE RESULTS!  I have already made huge strides since Jan 1st and the sky is the limit...and that goes for YOU too!
In conversation, is it hard for you to NOT talk about health and fitness?

What are your weekly goals?  


misszippy said...

So jealous of your weather! Bathing suit season still seems a lifetime away here...

Great eats this week!

I think all of us who are passionate about healthy living can get annoying. But maybe, just maybe, something gets through to someone and we don't even realize it.

Anonymous said...

Love the yummies.

And I think it's great you're passionate, it'll sink in to others slowly and you ARE making an impact even though some may seem annoyed. At least they can't say you didn't try, right?!

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