Monday, February 4, 2013

the sidelines...

No, I'm not talking about last night's Super Bowl game (which was a pretty good game AND Beyonce rocked it, UM seriously I was dancing in my living room with her! and don't get me started on the Destiny's Child reunion...hello??  Awesome!

but I am talking about not allowing yourself to live life from the SIDELINES...

All too often I speak with people wanting to change their life, lose weight or get healthy and so many of them say that they don't actively participate in LIFE.  Meaning they view it from a distance.  If their family is out being active, they are simply watching.  If the family is going on an adventure together, that person is there but only watching not experiencing all the happiness and joy that life has to offer.  
We are living in a world with an alarming obesity epidemic.  The diabetes rate for our children is very scary.  The amount of processed, sugary foods that children and adults consume today is out of control to say the least.  If we all stay focused and make healthy choices for ourselves and our family, we can turn things around.  I'm sure of it.
Don't let the sidelines be YOUR view in life.  
Take charge today.  
Go after what you want.
If you want to run a marathon-do it.
If you want to lose weight-do it.
If you want to fit in those "skinny jeans"-do it.
If you want to start living your healthiest life-then DO IT.
Nothing is stopping you and nothing stands in the way of your goals you set for yourself, so do it!
Go out and amaze yourself!

*However, do not push others to do the same.  Yea sure we can motivate and try to encourage others to live fit and healthy BUT it must be a decision they are making, not one you are pushing onto them.  Nothing was more frustrating and hurtful as people who tried to help me when I was overweight and so unhealthy.  Trust me, I know they cared for me and meant well but nobody can want or do it for you.  We must want and do it for ourselves.  It takes a lot of heart, determination and drive and when we can't give that to ourselves, then what will we fight and push for when things become more difficult?  The seed of healthy living has to plant itself into each of us.  And at that point is when the true magic happens.  That's when goals begin to be crushed and we are our happiest selves.  Only then are we ready.

On Biggest Loser, a lot of the contestants say that they can finally do things with their husband, children or family.  They had felt so helpless and not sure where to turn when bam! they finally changed their life and starting living, not viewing from the sidelines.  How amazing!  I'm sure it's like starting life all over for them.  A second chance at living the fullest life possible.  
It's a battle with foods and emotions for so many and trust me, I am an emotional eater too.  I had to re-teach myself to use my emotions in a positive way and that can be so difficult to do.  
I vividly remember a specific time in my life where I was given some sad news and instead of crying and talking about it, I sat down and ate an entire bag of Doritos.  Yes, I even remember the chips...sad right?  I comforted myself with what I knew to do  Ugh!  At the time, it seems to work until the guilt sets in from that binge and you do it all over again to bury those same fears and emotions.  Yuck.  And for all of us, it's not emotional eating but as I reflect on my past life on the sidelines, for me it was.  
It's a different battle for each of us but we can all overcome any obstacle.  

Yes, we probably get to the point with people in our lives where we want to shake them and help them understand how important being healthy is, but unfortunately it's not our place.  At all.  Even if we want to drag them off those sidelines, but we can't.  But for me, I will continue to help motivate and encourage as many people in my life as possible, to live this life along with us being healthy, fit and happy and I hope you will with me :)  
Have a great week!  
Set your weekly goals and write them down.  Remember to hold yourself accountable this week.
...I have some yummy recipes to share with you this week, so stay tuned!


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Awesome post!!!

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