Saturday, February 9, 2013

Healthy throughout the weekend!

The fun part of healthy living and eating is finding local farmers markets, fun health food stores that you didn't have time for throughout the week or finding cool places out of the weekly routine, to exercise! Now is the time to get out and take advantage of all things that your community has to offer! Local 5K's, a hike/bike trail in your area! Just getting out, being active and cooking some healthy meals too!

Of course we'll be spending this afternoon/evening at Mardi Gras! Galveston, which is a lot like our favorite NOLA tradition, on a smaller scale! Our boys love the bands and catching beads of course! We'd go to New Orleans every year to visit family and celebrate Mardi Gras, so I wanted to make sure we keep this tradition alive through my kids too!

Here are a few of our weekly eats and a picture I took at our local market today where we picked up some super sweet strawberries, spinach, zucchini, kale, squash, Brussels, cabbage, and string beans all grown locally!

These roasted Brussels sprouts were SO good! I sprinkled the Brussels with pepper and placed in the oven at 450 for 20-30 minutes, when they were cooked I sprinkled with red wine vinegar and lemon juice! Oh SO good! And served warm with a little Parmesan cheese!! Best combination ever!
The lentils came from Trader Joes are are steamed, and ready to eat! Surprisingly even my 3 yr old picky eater LOVED these! Yay!! And we did too ;-)
*Remember, always introduce and try new foods with your kids! They'll appreciate it later in life! And their bodies will too! If they see you eating it, enjoying it and cooking it more often, they'll become curious and want some too!
Set the example!
And just a few random pics of our eggs on a half sandwich thin, a wrap made on low carb tortilla with lettuce spinach turkey Neufch√Ętel cheese and sunflower seeds! Yum Yum YUM!

Keep your eats on track by writing EACH and EVERY bite that you take! If you bite it, WRITE IT! Believe it or not, it truly holds you accountable! Also, plan your workouts for the week! It helps you set small weekly goals and stay focused on the week that's coming up!

If your weekend offers many temptations with food, change up the scenery! Do something different and out of the ordinary! Some of life's greatest experiences are the ones we do off the cuff! Quick thinking and little planning! If you can't function that way, then do as much as you will allow that's DIFFERENT! I know some people panic with doing things totally UNplanned so baby steps are ok on this one!

For me, a huge obstacle was growing up in an Italian family, (which I am so proud of & love), offered so much food! All of the time! Our grandparents showed their love for us through food a lot of times! Sundays were filled with breads, pastas, desserts...SO many temptations! And being the carb-addict that I am, I would give in every time! It took me a long time to realize that all good times do NOT have to revolve around food! And that healthy food can be delicious and part of a get together too! It's like a healthy lifestyle is something you'll work at, change, adapt every day for the rest of your life! Always improving and becoming your best self! And it's ok if we aren't perfect...our imperfections sometimes make us who we are and we should embrace them!

Have a great Saturday and can't wait to hear about the goals you've been crushing lately!!!
Get outside with your family & BE ACTIVE!!!

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Anonymous said...

Everything looks awesome! Im jealous your farmers markets are open... ours don't open until march :/ keep making yummy healthy food!

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