Thursday, February 28, 2013


I follow so many former BL contestants and Biggest Loser Joe posted this on IG today!  
Talk about TRUTH.

Yes, seeing a shoe made from junk food is pretty gross but so true at the same time.  If both diet and exercise aren't perfectly balanced, you won't see the results you want!  Make sure you find BALANCE, it's not about perfection and always being 110% on your game, but it is about finding your BALANCE that works for you and only you.  There will be times when we fall short, skip a workout or eat that cookie but that's okay...find a happy place for both diet and exercise and then you'll truly find success!  

Today's eats so far, 
early a.m was one slice of Ezekiel toast and neufchael cheese

then after my son's running club, 
it was 1 egg and 2 egg whites on nothing other than a Lightning McQueen plate...
because that's how I roll!  Ha!

**tips for Goal setting**
You can make daily, weekly or monthly goals for yourself but keep in mind to celebrate the small stuff too!  Be proud of every step you take, every healthy food you consume, every small moment that you're making toward a healthier YOU!  
Too often we don't look back at how far we've come, we're too busy focusing on the journey that is ahead BUT if we live in the moment and take each step as a positive one, the places we will go are beyond our imagination!  

Write down your goals on paper, dry erase board, post-it, the bathroom mirror, or in your car...somewhere that will always remind you of those goals you've set for yourself.  
So many times we say we'll start tomorrow but tomorrow comes and goes...without change.  
Don't say tomorrow, say today and DO IT!
Life is short, obstacles will always be there so no more excuses :)

REACH and AIM HIGH with your health and fitness goals this week...
Thanks to Biggest Loser Joe for today's motivation!

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fancy nancy said...

Love that! I also am digging the McQueen plate!! I have to have my goal for the month/year right where I can see it every day! My mile goal was next to my treadmill so whenever I wanted to stop I would see it! I linked you in my post today!!

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