Wednesday, February 6, 2013

choose your path

It's easy to avoid change.  
That's because what we know is comfortable.
The familiar road isn't quite as scary...
Change can be hard and a lot of HARD WORK.
As Americans, we all want that change to be quick.  
We want results and we want them immediately. 
If we start viewing healthy living as a lifestyle, we'll start to focus on the positive change that we're making each day instead of the long road ahead.  This road to healthy living has no finish line.  Yes you will set and reach goals, but you can always improve on this journey.  You can always set higher fitness and weight loss goals and those goals are meant to be reached!  
You will look back and wonder why you hadn't started sooner.

So, what are you waiting for?  Take that road less traveled TODAY.

**Some exciting news!**  
I have been asked to team up with Athleta and Girls On The Run to participate in their local, sponsored races and become a coach for the races and young girls in our community!  
I'm very excited about this opportunity and will fill you in on details very soon!  
Girls On The Run was one of the sponsors for the Color In Motion race and there's always an event in your area so check them out to learn more.  
Their efforts to help young girls recognize their potential both physically and mentally by helping them find a lifetime appreciate of health and fitness is incredible!!  This is very close to my heart, growing up as an overweight teen, lacking self-esteem and confidence, a program like this sure would have helped through my personal struggles.  

Today's Workout:  we have our fitness room, if you'd even call it that...up and running!  It's really fun to have a so-called GYM in the house!  It's about time huh?  Since it's raining off and on today, it'll be an indoor kickboxing workout for me, along with strength training.  I'll pair the two in intervals for a great workout.  Yesterday was strength training- legs and then between sets I jumped rope!  The simplest exercises can be SO effective!  
As for me and my personal monthly goals it's going good,  
Goal #1:We have set out to run a race/month and so far, so good.  We did the Commitment Day on Jan 1st, Color In Motion Feb 2nd and have a couple of races set for March!  Gotta keep going!  
Goal #2:  I want to lose weight/tone by eating clean and adding strength training and interval running to my workouts and runs!  Going great and I feel stronger than ever.  I honestly know that the eats are a HUGE part of my now, 13lb weight loss since Jan 1!  It's crazy that we were healthy eaters, but kicking our diet into high gear has made all of the difference in the world!  Especially in the way we feel and with our's amazing!  
Not sure why I didn't discipline myself more in the past, since I have all of the knowledge and this is my specialty. Duh!
Goal #3: To run faster and longer distances.  I've been crushing this one lately and it feels so good!  My intervals have sure paid off already.  Noticing a huge change in my pace and the endurance I have, overall.  Hope to really see some changes on these future races!  We'll see.
Goal #4: To reach my goal weight by March 1st!  Whew, this is a tough one for me.  I am currently at the lowest weight I've ever been...thanks to the clean eats and my 13lb weight loss!  So for me, I want to exceed where I had been in the past.  In college, I was in the best shape of my life and right when I felt unstoppable, I let myself lapse a little in my food but not the workouts.  I love hardcore workouts, but the foods are my weakness.  So we'll see if I really stick to this way of life and push myself further than EVER before.  
*It's like when I reach a weight loss goal or milestone, I want to relax a little and slowly those old habits creep back into my life.  Here comes that vicious cycle I always tell you about.  
BUT not this time.  
I am on a mission to be the best I can be and that only comes with hard work, dedication to the workouts AND the diet!  Both have to be right on to get those killer results I've been dreaming of!  

So, as you look onto your goals for the month and the year...are you working on reaching them?  
I sure hope so.  
Remember to take that unfamiliar road a little more often, you'll see things in yourself that you never saw before and then BAM! it all falls into place and you're the healthiest you've ever been.


misszippy said...

Wow, Marissa--you are tearing it up! Good for you. I think you'll be smashing your goal by March. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Good job! 13 pounds is awesome and I know you can reach your goal weight by March! You got this! And congrats on your new adventures!

Mindy Bobe said...

Congrats girl on the weight loss and the Girls on the Run coaching!!!

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