Sunday, February 3, 2013

Color In Motion recap!

Back in September I was contacted by Color In Motion to sponsor our race entries for my family.  OF COURSE I accepted because I had heard all the hype around these fun, themed races!  As the event came closer I became hesitant because I had never done a non-competitive style race like this.  But with this being my 25th 5K, I figured why not shake things up a bit and we went for it!  My six year old who loves running decided he wanted to run his second 5K with us too!  This made his fifth race overall, so obviously my husband and I are super proud!

Here we are prior to the madness!  All nice and clean, ready to run!
The cleanliness didn't take long.  We were lined up at the start line and people started opening their powder packets and it was ON!  I got my hubby, he got me right back and of course, my son had to get in on the action and he thought it was hilarious!  You couldn't help but laugh and get all hyped up!  By this time, music is blaring, powder is flying EVERYWHERE and you're adrenaline is going!  Woohoo!  I'm getting excited just thinking about it!

Randomly, my good friend Carrie that I taught P.E with years ago texted me at 6am asking if we'd be there so we decided to meet up.  Here's us all nice and clean before the race.
*And a side, funny note:  I ran my first 5K EVER in 2007 after the birth of my first son and I ran it with this girl!  I wasn't a runner but decided to change up my workouts to get the baby weight off, so I gave running a TRY.  After that race, Carrie and I would run on our lunch break together, every day!  Dedication right?  It was really cool to run with her again, I really miss her!  
Thanks for a great race!  
I struggled and felt every kilometer during my first race in March of 2007.  
But hey, we all start somewhere and obviously it turned into a passion of mine since then!
Ok back the race recap...

My husband PR'd this race!  He ran sooo hard! VERY proud of him and all that he's accomplished and how he continues to motivate and be a strong role model for our boys each and every day!  I think his time was around 26 minutes, or a little less.  Yea, he rocked it!

And there's my boy!  He ran the first 2 miles without stopping at about a 9:30 pace, but we slowed a bit on that last mile.  All along the route, people were cheering for him and telling him he was doing so good and running so fast, and of course that pumped him up and he ran HARD!  It was cute how much he enjoyed the entire race, including being covered in these bright colors at each kilometer!  
My son and I finished hand in hand...a very cool moment for me as a Mother with such a passion for keeping children active and healthy.  I had goosebumps, I was so proud :)

And here's the girls all filthy and loving every second of it!  
When you crossed the finish line, you were attacked with more powder and then it was a HUGE party.  5,000 runners all meet up to dance to awesome music!  The powder is everywhere but by now, you sure don't care, you are LOVING IT!  Ha, for our first themed-race it sure was FUN!

The coolest family photo EVER, don't ya think?  So FUN!  
We had powder in our mouth, our ears...EVERYWHERE!  

The scenery at Color In Motion, Houston Tx!  Very cool and such a fun time.  It'll definitely be a race I'll never forget!  Every now and then it's fun to take a race not so seriously and just have FUN!  Of course I love the more competitive-style races, but I gotta say I sure enjoyed this too.  

**I loved how so many people who had never run a 5K, got out there and tried.  Whether they were walking, jogging or running...they were trying and they were out there being active!  Anytime we get more people active and moving is a good thing, so hats off to this race and others like it!

 One more COLORful picture!  Ha, at this point I just look dirty!  LOL!
 Thanks to the folks at Color In Motion for providing our race entries to this fun and exciting race!  We sure appreciate it and hope to participate in another of your races in the future!

Today's Workout:  I did get some new running kicks the other day and I LOVE THEM!  I actually bought them when we picked up our race packets for the Color In Motion.  I saw the color and that they were my favorite running shoe, the Mizuno Wave Creations so I had to have them!  Needless to say, I love them and I did NOT wear these in the Color In Motion race!  Ha!

Today I was smiling SO big because I was able to take my first Body Pump class at @24hrfitness since I was teaching aerobics at Gold's Gym in 2003.  :(  I miss this class SO much!  It was one of my favorites AND right before I stopped working for Gold's, I was going to become certified to teach this class.  Brings back so many memories!  
If you've never done it, it's awesome and I totally suggest that you try.  When I was doing Body Pump 5-6 days a week along with high intensity cardio and weight lifting, I was by far in the BEST shape of my life!  By far!  
I was smiling before and after class, but not during!  Ha!  It was serious business in there and whew, I sure can't lift the amount I was lifting back then :(  BUT that's okay!  And the class was PACKED!  Awesome to be surrounded by so many fitness lovers like that!  I miss it!  I did my best and that's what counts!  It helped me realize how MUCH I miss teaching classes like that.  
Ugh!  I LOVED that!  So much energy that you are able to share with others while pushing yourself and drenching in sweat!  woohoo!
So just maybe it lit a fire in me to pursue that part of my life again??  We'll see.  I'll have to look into what it takes to become an instructor these days.  I'm a little rusty and haven't done it since 2004 unless you count me teaching aerobics to my co-workers when I was a teacher, which was still so much fun!

I know I have some readers who are certified instructors currently, so any tips you can offer up would be greatly appreciated!  


Hollie said...

Love hearing about your race. Looks like so much fun! So proud for your little guy!

Hollie said...
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Anonymous said...

The next time you do something like this, let me know. I would love to do something like this. There is a mudrun in this area coming up soon. We should do it! I would be more like a run/walk with you carrying me to the finish line!

Anonymous said...

It looks like yall had so much fun! Glad your son was able to go with you too :)

I saw you are in Houston. We moved from Houston 2 years ago. We'll be coming back for the Santa Hustle in December in Galveston... you need to run it :)

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