Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Are you set up?

For success or failure? 
It's a choice that we are in control of making each day. 
It's up to us whether we choose to fail once again or finally succeed! 
When you are tired of giving up on yourself you'll find that you have strength, determination and are set up to reach your goals whether it's to lose weight, get leaner, gain muscle, fight high cholesterol or heart disease...
For me, I was so exhausted from trying hard only to give up on myself days, weeks or months later...
And it's no way to live your life. A cycle that seemed never ending 
Let's make up our minds once and for all, TOGETHER! 

Keep using the hashtag #moveitmommas on Instagram and Twitter...hope you've checked out the inspiration and will join so we can fight for what we want as a team! You & me...and anybody else that is ready for change!! 

I guess it's what I'll call this because it was DELICIOUS!!! 
It's a whole wheat pita topped with salt free-organic tomato sauce, turkey meatballs and roasted eggplant! Ahhhh so yummy right? YES! 
I popped it in the oven at 375 until warmed and a little crispy, topped with sprinkled Parmesan cheese. 
*tip: all items were made ahead of time do it was simply layering and baking the "pizzas" and I made 8 so we had them for a few nights last week! 
Keep it EASY& DELICIOUS, Momma's! 

Move It Momma Fajita Bowl
Oh yum! My husband has a cowboy wok that fits over the boiler/propane stand, we layer bell pepper and onion with boneless skinless chicken breasts, and there's what it looks like! As you can see, it's a lot of chicken so we're easily meal-prepped with chicken for the week! 
Past few nights dinner has been THIS meat layered with spring mix lettuce, 1/3 avocado, plain Greek yogurt and with dinner at 4pm yesterday we added 1/2 c long grain brown rice to it! And salsa...can't forget the kick of salsa for my husband ;) 
And for our boys, regular fajitas on a tortilla rolled up with a little 2% cheese! Served with a fruit salad! 

I cannot stress enough, the importance if keeping things easy and changing up your planned meals! So we have lots of chicken, I can turn this into so many different meals, quickly! Be creative and BALANCE your foods! Limit your sugar in the evening and eat plenty of fresh foods, less of those empty foods from a box! 
In a meal that is normally starch-heavy, add PLENTY of veggies prepared the way you like and eat those PRIOR to the starchy-high sugar meal! BALANCE! 

Now go out there, set up for success and be amazing!!!!


fancy nancy said...

Awesome as always! Too bad you are so far away because I really need to come over for dinner!!

jillconyers said...

I've looked back at weeks that I felt could have been more successful and I realize that sometimes I set myself up for less than success. I realized it often came down to unrealistic expectations. In my overzealousness (is that a word?) I want to do it all and then some! You've given me something to think about :)

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