Monday, October 14, 2013


If you want something, GO FOR IT.
Don't wait around for it...CHASE IT!

If you're tired of saying "tomorrow" then do something about it TODAY!  
I lived that life of "tomorrow" and it did nothing for me.  If anything, it helped me doubt myself even more :(  

Get the tools needed to succeed and take it wherever you want to go!  
I am here to provide my struggles and successes, recipes, tips, workouts and MORE.  
Don't go at it alone.  Find that support system that will stand by you no matter what.  Family and friends are out there so CHASE THEM!  Well don't really chase them, but ya know what I mean!  Ha!!  

Some tools?

Tip: It's very important to SHOP SMART at the grocery store.  
Choose items wisely and do NOT put items in your cart that are an issue for you.  Issue as in, TRIGGER FOODS.  If those foods are going to call out your name in the middle of the night or haunt you throughout the day, GET RID OF THEM OR NEVER BRING THEM HOME!  There ya go: PROBLEM SOLVED.  
For me, I have an issue with pretzels.
Sounds could pretzels be harmful right?  Well I have NO control when I'm near a bag of the unsalted, sourdough, sticks, twists, super size...ANY pretzel :(  so if they make it into my basket at the store, it goes downhill from there.  I have to be smart, never go to the store hungry and I must stick to the list...

Took a trip to Trader Joes today-one of my favorite stores.  BUT there are unhealthy options everywhere, TJ's has them too so you must be smart, stay focused and stick to the LIST!
Here's a snapshot of our goods!
The goods: frozen fruits, veggies and brown rice, oranges, bananas, apples, arugula and romaine lettuce, brown rice pasta, pistachios and almonds, Sesame Ezekiel bread, NAAN whole wheat, Organic tomato sauce, celery, extra virgin olive oil, Coconut Oil spray for cooking/baking, red wine vinegar dressing and PUMPKIN BUTTER!  While not a healthy choice, the pumpkin butter will be used sparingly on a rice cake with PB or added to the top of my eggs and Ezekiel toast in the morning!  Figured it's a better option than the pumpkin bread and waffles that were sitting right next to it?!  Ha!  SHOP SMART and STICK TO THE LIST!

Lunch today was all prepared ahead of time!  
Took minutes to heat up and eat!  No excuses!
1 cup spring mix topped with sprinkle of sunflower seeds and 1/2 of a Laughing Cow wedge with red wine vinegar TJ's dressing-it's YUMMY!  One slice Ezekiel garlic toast and BBQ leftovers!  Mmmm!  There was another little piece of meat under the toast-it's hiding!

Tip: Find NEW things!  
Look at this find at Kroger!  Greek cream cheese!  I compared it to both 1/3 less fat cream cheese and Neufchael cheese and it has less calories, fat, and TWICE THE PROTEIN/serving!  Woohoo!  
Tip:  A great snack- 1 apple cinnamon rice cake topped with 1 serving cream cheese and sprinkled with cinnamon!  Flavorful and tastes like dessert!  Definitely kicks the sweet tooth to the curb :)  Next time I'll try with my NEW FIND!  

If you won't listen to me then listen to my son's shirt!  LOL!
It's true.
Do NOT allow others to enable you to fail.  Push yourself.  You are your ONLY competition each and every day.  BUT allow those "haters" to act as added fuel to your motivation!  Allow that fuel to light the fire inside of you and say THIS TIME WILL BE DIFFERENT!  
I am in control and NOBODY is going to stop me!  Boom :)


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Haters are annoying, why can't we all support each other. You boy is so cute!
You got a lot of goodness at Trader Joes! I am a bad shopper when I am hungry.

hiker mom said...

I try to buy the flavor of chips I don't like so I won't be tempted at home. Same with Halloween candy and cookies;)

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