Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I have always stood firm in the fact that I want to impact lives! I want to give women the hope and courage that they need to push through and reach every goal possible!  

Growing up as an overweight teenager, I always felt defeated.  I was always two steps behind and couldn't quite catch up.  I never wanted to push myself to reach weight loss goals because they seemed too far out of reach and I didn't want to be that girl, "oh here she goes, starting another diet...let's see how long she lasts this time" was always my fear that others were just waiting for me to fail.  
Why did I think the world was out to get me?  
After the weight loss I realized it's not about who's waiting for you to fail, it's about who's waiting for you to succeed!  It's about YOU.  It's YOU and you only.  Who cares what others say or's about YOU!
Why do you want this?  Are you tired of giving up?  
Think about it, write it down, make up your mind and give it everything you've got!

If you haven't joined the challenge, what's holding you back?  
We're on day 2 and I see lots of #moveitmommas hashtagin' taking place!  If you feel frustrated or want to quit, just go to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and click on The Move It Momma or #moveitmommas and you will see recipes, workouts, groups of women out there pushing themselves, healthy foods, weight loss, before and after's the PROOF that we are in this together.  I want this to BLOW UP, GET HUGE and Momma's from all over the world can go there for support and encouragement! Never alone.  Every step of the way, someone, somewhere knows what you're going through and wants to support you.  

I LOVE my blog, my Move It Momma's following and what it gives people everywhere...
a sense of HOPE.  
The hope that they too can rise above, get healthy, change their life and the lives of others...TOGETHER!

You see change is always possible but we must reach down DEEP, find our strength and USE IT to conquer things that we never thought possible.
Temptation is all around us, no matter what our weakness may be.  
For me, FOOD.  
I have said it is like a drug for me.  It haunts me and is a battle I face daily.  Do I allow it to control and defeat me?  NO.  NEVER AGAIN.
Somewhere along the way there came a point where I said enough was enough and MEANT IT.  
Stand up for what you want.  Fight for it.  You will gain strength, determination and a healthier life.  Take what frustrates you and USE IT AS FUEL.  As determination to reach those goals once and for all.  
STOP saying tomorrow, STOP saying it's too hard, STOP making excuses and MEAN IT.  

When I started the Move It Momma's fit camp, it was honestly to just make an impact in the lives of a few women in my community.  A way for me to take what I've learned, my struggles and successes and share them with these women.  

The first week, a few ladies joined me and we worked HARD.  They pushed themselves and I was SO proud to be a part of their transformation, to have impacted their life in some small way.  
Week 2 and 3, I was impressed by the growth of the class in just one week...I think I had 5 or 6, the next day almost 10!  
I'm totally blown away.
Speechless.  And that usually never happens to EVER.  Ha!
I started this boot camp because I wanted to be different, not like any other.  I hold strong to the fact that NOBODY will be left behind.  None of these ladies are allowed to feel intimidated or discouraged.  We support one another, lift them up and constantly encourage one another to push harder.  If someone is struggling, we all step in and help.  
I am SO blessed to be in this position.  Makes all those years of self-doubt, where I never believed in myself, WORTH IT.  
The road is NEVER easy.  I spent nights crying, achy muscles and joints, tired, hungry and allowing those food cravings to creep into my mind day after day...BUT I was sick of it.  Sick of quitting.  Sick of giving up.  Sick of feeling like I was letting myself down every, single day.  
Hold your head up high and know that we're in this together!  

And our week in pictures...brings tears to my eyes just looking at these STRONG, BEAUTIFUL WOMEN that never give up!  I will never give up on them as I hope they will never give up on me.

Would ya look at all those ladies?  I am crying.  They had to park all along the streets because they FILLED THE PARKING LOT!!!  AMAZED. BLESSED.  HONORED.  WOWZA!!!!!!!!!!!
We've got this ladies!  And if you don't live nearby, FIND YOUR STRENGTH!  


hiker mom said...

I tried to make another comment on Instagram but it kept saying "failed" for some reason:/ Anyways, I wanted to ask if you charge for your class or if you do it for free? I am thinking about doing a free class to get people in the door and maybe that will get them hooked;)

fancy nancy said...

I wish I lived closer so I could go too...then again you live just north of hot as hades land!! You're posts never cease to inspire me...way to go Marissa!!

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