Wednesday, October 30, 2013


On this journey I have noticed that I can have complete control when it comes to my workouts.  It takes little effort to motivate me off of the couch and up working out HOWEVER I have huge issues with food, as most of you already know.  

It's a pep talk each morning when I roll outta bed...
This statement is SUCH truth.  Celebrate each moment that you make a healthy choice.  Is it a workout?  Did you balance your meals and choose wisely today?  Did you drive right past that fast food place that whispers your name-this is soooo me!?  Did you peel yourself outta bed, put on your workout clothes and hit the gym or pavement for a run?  CELEBRATE IT.

We each have our own story.  Our own battles that we fight daily.  Mine just happens to be my emotional ties to food.  All food.  I have a feeling, an emotion that goes and comforts each one IF and only IF I allow it.  And today I choose to NOT give in.  To not allow those feelings to control me.  You MUST do the same in order to reach your goals and to succeed at healthy living.  The hardest part for you may be different and if it is, take control...TODAY AND EVERY DAY :)

This photo brings tears to my eyes and while I kept it distant to avoid using the child's faces, I wanted to share how these children INSPIRED me yesterday!  We put our running club kiddos through a boot camp and they ROCKED IT.  Coming from a child that would have totally feared things like this, these children faced it head on!  Tall, short, heavy or slim, young and older...they all pushed hard!  And the best part?  They actually ENJOYED it!  
Makes me so proud to be a part of something like this.  Keeping kids active and healthy.  Children need direction TOO.  When it comes to healthy living, we must take responsibility for our family too.  It's about permanent change for ALL of us.  Oh to do it all over again in my childhood, the things I would've changed...

And the Move It Mommas keep GROWING...and SHRINKING!!!!  These ladies inspire me, inspire one another!  They are AMAZING!!!  Step out of your comfort zone, find what makes you happy and healthy and GO FOR IT :)  every day...go for it!

A look back...again.
Wow to think how much we've changed since 2010.  Yikes.  And as I've said before, I thought I was eating "healthy" back then.  
Listen Up!  If a box claims to be low-fat, reduced fat, fat free...BE CAREFUL.  
If we fuel the body with the RIGHT foods, we won't need or want the "healthy" boxed options.  

What has changed the most for me?  My foods.  I nourish with whole foods.  Fruits, vegetables, proteins and little processed or packaged goods.  The packaged options can be okay in moderation but that's where my problem lies.  I have big issues with portion control.  Stopping after starting.  I can box it up, take out one serving, freeze portions but I will still over eat.  I have to control by drinking water before meals, controlling myself by eating the vegetables first, then proteins and fruit or grains.  Ending with knowing although I could keep eating, MY CHOICE IS TO STOP AND WALK AWAY!  It's a battle I fight DAILY.  And sadly it hasn't gotten easier, but it is 110% worth it for the way I feel, look and perform in my workouts and daily routines!  The mom that I am has improved, the wife that I am to my husband, the daughter I am to my mother, the friend and family member that I am...all a reflection of the NEW ME!!!!!  

As it is clear in these pictures, I have issues with ALL food.  Healthy or unhealthy.  It's a FACT.  
FIGHT BACK!  Like in the beginning, STRENGTH is being healthy, making healthy choices.  Foods, exercise, all of it balanced and working together to achieve the results we want and need!  STILL cannot believe that was my husband and I.  Guess LOVE is unconditional because neither of us remember being this heavy in 2010 :(  Eeek!  

And a thumb's up for this Trader Joes MISO SOUP!
I lloooovvvee miso soup and this one is no different!  SO delicious, not bad with the sodium and very tasty and filling.  I served this with leftover salmon patties :)  Mmmm!

A trick with your morning oats:
1/2 cup oats, cooked.  1/4 cup berries-frozen.  
Mix and allow the berries to thaw into the oatmeal and it creates sweetness throughout.  Serve with a little spoon of almond butter, PB or a scrambled egg!  Mmmmm, nourish the body from the start and you're setting your day up for success!  BOOM!!!!


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

haha I remember when I bought things because they were low fat/ fat free. not anymore! makes you wonder what we are doing now that will be out in another ten years!

Elle said...

It took me SO long to get over the brainwashing of no-low fat. I do try to keep up with all the new information and it is daunting at times.

Love the pic of you and your Mommas!

hiker mom said...

I kept away from the no-fat options if only for the fact that they are DISGUSTING! I love seeing pics of your Mommas:) I have a great group, although not as many, of ladies that are so dedicated. I actually thought this morning "why am I so lucky and blessed to have these awesome women working out so hard with me" So fun!

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