Friday, October 11, 2013

Embrace It!

Don't be afraid of change!
We don't give ourselves credit for the little victories each day! BUT we should! They all count for something. 

You avoid the vending machine at work? A victory.
Order a lighter menu item when out with friends?
A victory.
Set a goal to workout 5 times this week and reach it? 

Listen, working out and eating healthy is TOUGH. 
We are surrounded by life's obstacles down every path. 
If we lose sight of the small stuff-the little victories along the way, then we may lose sight of the big picture, of our goals and what we want to change! 
DON'T allow that to happen in your life but if it has happened, as it did to me...JUMP back on track today. 
Find that drive and determination that pushed you in the first place. It's there...find it within yourself! 
As life's moments come into your life, happy or sad, you must use those times to strengthen you and not allow you to become weak. 

Back in January I found myself allowing those obstacles to re enter my life :( for a brief time, I had lost sight of it and my fear was that changing couldn't be possible AGAIN?! 

The good news? I have A LOT of fight left in me. I refuse to allow my emotional eating and issues with food to control my life. I use these weaker moments to strengthen me not to make me afraid! 
I embrace this change AGAIN and I am now trying to pay it forward with strong, beautiful women that are looking for guidance on their health & fitness journey...

I want to be a sense of hope and determination because if I can do it 

My post from IG this week! I had no clue I had slipped up this much until the side by side comparison! WOW! What a wake up call... 
Left: January 2 Middle: June 1 Right:present 

And my symbol of strength! These boys!
Because of our choices, these boys want to exercise, eat healthy-most of the time! And take care of themselves by fueling with the right foods, drinks and adding exercise! They look forward to running club EVERY week and they take it VERY seriously! Could not be more proud!

And another reason to embrace change and not fear it....
These women! 
Fighting hard for change! Not quitting or making excuses! 

And because no post is complete without some healthy tips! 
A great snack I created yesterday!! 
Rice cake, 1tbs PB, Uncle Sam original cereal on top! Oh the flavors! Seriously filling & tasted GREAT! 


jillconyers said...

You look amazing!! I embrace and in fact love change...a new workout, a new running route, new recipes...usually the kick in the butt I sometimes need to stay on track :)

Runner Maybe said...

You have done awesome!! I need some of your motivation and strength as I get back on track.

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