Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lets EAT

Did you watch Biggest Loser this week?  I am SO excited that my favorite show is back for another season.  This show ALWAYS gets to me.  I love it.  The part that bothers me is that these contestants feel that getting on the show is the only way they will change...not true.
Wouldn't you agree?
I want ALL, women, short, tall, old and young to know that there is HOPE.  
That change is possible.
There shouldn't be one thing that MUST happen in order for the change to occur like being on this show.  
We can ALL change and be our best selves.  It's possible and within each of us.  

We have to WANT it, we have to WORK FOR IT and we have to FIGHT HARD.  
For so long in my life, I felt sorry for myself and asked the question, why?  For everything.  
Why do I struggle with my weight when all of my friends can eat or drink whatever they want and not be considered "fat"?  Why do I have to work so hard each day to reach my goals?  Why am I so tall?  Why am I considered "large boned"?  Why can't I stop myself when diving into a bag of chips?  WHY WHY WHY??  Why me?
It gets very old.  My life didn't change when I asked WHY?  It only allowed me to feel more sorry for myself and continue on that destructive path I couldn't seem to break.  That's NO way to live.  
Always asking the same question when the answer is always the same.  
Who cares about the WHY.  
It's the WHY NOT we should be thinking about!  Right?
Why not be our healthiest self? Why not push ourselves harder each day? Why not be determined enough to reach and exceed goals each and every day, week or month? Why not give ourselves credit for making small, positive changes to our health?  
It's when we stop feeling sorry for ourselves and start making steps to better ourselves that our lives truly CHANGE!  Let nothing stand in your way...EVER!

I'm giving you 3 meal options and 3 snack options today so ENJOY!!!
Lots of weekly eats!  
I think I take so many pictures of our food that my boys are starting to take pictures of their food too!
I'd like to share some weekly meal ideas, that are easy and can be prepped ahead of time.  

I'm all about healthy AND quick.  I don't like to spend a lot of time in my kitchen because then I want to munch on unhealthy options...and once the snacking begins, I can't STOP.  The key is to keep things prepared and easy to grab and go.  I make things so simple that I don't want to get off track.  You can too!

Meal idea 1: 1 cup Arugula/romaine mix topped with sprinkle of sunflower seeds, extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar.  
1/3 sweet potato topped with 5oz pulled pork and 1 tbs plain Greek yogurt!  
This combo is AMAZING...just trust me on this one!

Snack idea 1: 
Looking for a way to curb the sweet tooth?  My boys threw a fit over these creations :)
Move It Momma Cookie Butter Banana Boats
Slice banana into serving sizes-each banana sliced in half.  Keep half of the peel attached as seen in the picture above.  Place small amount of TJ's Cookie & Cocoa Swirl on top, then sprinkle with Uncle Sam Original cereal-tastes like granola.  
Allow your family to enjoy and drool at the same time :)

Snack idea 2: Apple Cinnamon rice cake topped with Greek cream cheese and sprinkled with cinnamon.  Served with 1/4 c frozen berry medley.  

Meal idea 2:
NAAN whole wheat pizza (half as a serving) topped with Organic pizza sauce (Trader Joes), chicken sausage and 2% mozzarella cheese.  Served with steamed edamame-right from the package!  I heated these in my convection oven and it took only minutes.

Meal 3:
BBQ grilled chicken, 1/3 c long grain brown rice and steamed veggies.  All prepared ahead of time and heated in the microwave!

Snack idea 3:
KIND PLUS bar!  Yum, Yum and YUM!  I grabbed this while out running errands the other day.  Sure beats the options I USED to choose like Chex Mix, Cheetos and Dr. Pepper :(  
YOU MAKE THE CHOICE!!!!  It's in our control...choose wisely!

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fancy nancy said...

I agree. That is one sentiment that weighs on me. I understand what they are saying that this is their last chance but they absolutely have the ability to do it on their own!! Great eats!!

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