Monday, October 28, 2013

Houston Half RECAP!!!!

Wow!  I often times reflect on all of us TOGETHER but this time I am taking the time to congratulate myself, my husband and a college friend of mine!  WE DID IT!  We conquered 13.1 miles yesterday and I'm still amazed at how much FUN it was.  Yes I said FUN...

The morning started EARLY with a little sprinkling but as soon as we made it to the START line it started to pour, thunder, lightening and we thought for sure the race would be cancelled.  
We heard the announcement that they postponed for an hour so we were able to talk to runners and stay dry UNDER the bridge of the freeway :)

LOVED this at the halfway point...SUCH TRUTH!  If we want something and want to appreciate the steps it will take to get there, WE CAN'T DO IT HALFWAY!!!  Time to suck it up and keep going...
For yesterday's race I promised myself that I would reflect on EVERY mile and that's exactly what I did.  As I'd pass mile marker after mile marker, I focused on the journey.  How it all began...
How I went from little to no activity TO RUNNING A HALF MARATHON!  My first half marathon in 2012 was NOT so pretty.  I felt awful.  My head and heart weren't in it.  I was about 40lbs heavier than I am today and I felt sluggish.  I was running most days but paid less attention to the foods that I put into my body.  The difference?  Back then it was a lot more processed "healthy" foods rather than more fruits, veggies and protein as I do now.  WOW what a difference.  Crazy to think all that "junk" we throw into our bodies can really make that LARGE of an impact.  Isn't it?  Wow.

Back to the recap:
I took time to snap pics with Amanda throughout the race, I soaked it all in...even the rain.  Yep it rained the ENTIRE race but that didn't stop any of us!  Not for a second. At mile 12 my body started to feel it.  Achy back and ankles, legs felt like JELL-O but we kept going.  We were so close.  I started to cry...then I saw my husband running toward me on the opposite side of the road!  He was looking for me and when he found me, he was SO happy.  He was wearing his medal and decided to come and finish the race with me!  He had crossed a while before we did and thank goodness he came out and met me because I was hurting...going through some major self-doubt but there he was.  He told me I had this and the finish line was right up ahead.  We pushed EVEN harder and he finished it off with me :)  Wow!  There are NO words to express how thankful I am for this journey.  Each step I have learned SOMETHING new.  I know that my husband and I doing this TOGETHER means more to me than you'll ever know...that words will ever express.  We were sick and tired of being lazy, overweight, unhealthy...JUST SICK OF IT.  We were sick of saying Monday we'd make a change.  We had gained weight together and we got fed up TOGETHER!  NO LOOKING BACK ONLY MOVING FORWARD!!!!!

And here we are at Mile 12 yesterday!
...and a little congratulations KISS!!!  Sorry, close your eyes if it's too much :)

WOOHOOO!!!!!  I met Amanda in college and while I had lost quite a bit of weight when I decided to change the path of my life, I was still on the journey...I've come so far even since then.  SO proud of the two of us!

My man and I enjoying a post-race BEER!!!!!  Well-deserved after burning 1800+ calories!

And on the ride home, you better believe I TORE open that soft pretzel stick from Trader Joe's!  I told my Move It Momma's that I'd split it with Brandon but he opted for more beer carbs and I of course WENT FO THE PRETZEL!!!  I ate the entire thing and it was SO delicious!  Sad really, that my weakness and main trigger food is a darn PRETZEL isn't it?  LOL!
Overall my experience was INCREDIBLE!  A feeling that every person should experience in their life.  The feeling to push further than you thought possible.  No obstacle too large.  Especially coming from a girl who FEARED running...who feared trying new things and always felt set up to fail before starting ANYTHING.  I did it!  Nobody did it for me, I pushed MYSELF.  We all have obstacles in our life, things that TRY to hold us back from living our best life.  BUT we must push past those fears and obstacles to truly find ourselves.  My journey will never end and I will keep pushing, striving, setting goals, and helping others who feel lost. 

My wish is for ALL of you to get up, conquer your fears and FEEL what it feels like to be free.  Free from what holds you back in your life.  I had to free myself of my life being controlled by food.  Sounds silly but I allowed FOOD to control my moods, my way of life, my self-esteem, my lack of courage...all of it.  How sad.  Whatever you face, PUSH PAST IT TODAY and EVERYDAY!

Some reflections of our own and sorry they are phone snapshots

The former McClellen's...
Brandon and I at my surprise 30th birthday party in 2010:
For me it is mind-blowing how quickly we can lose sight of our goals.  Yes I already had the passion to help others, I was not at my heaviest and did not allow myself to fully lose sight of the journey BUT I did push it back in my life.  As you can very well see.  Sad to me.  When I look at this, I see sadness.  Yes we were happy, enjoying time with friends but I still see sadness.  We were growing old together without the RIGHT priorities.  Weren't we?  What we were showing our children?  That it's okay to put ourselves last?  To allow old fears and food to control your life? NO WAY.  It's hard for me to look at these because I hadn't realized how far off track I had gotten.  Do you see why I always say DO NOT LOSE SIGHT OF THE JOURNEY.  ALWAYS REACH FOR NEW GOALS, NEW HEALTHY WAYS TO PUSH FURTHER...because I lived the life of back and forth, back and forth FOR YEARS  Ugghhh to have it all back?  I'd give anything.  
Our first half marathon in 2012!
While my husband was and still has remained at his healthiest weight, I was obviously still struggling.  I still can't believe that's me?  I didn't feel that heavy at the time but I do know that our foods were NOT like they are now.  Whew...what a difference it can make.  I always say exercise is SO important and IT IS but the foods play a huge role too...a HUGE ROLE.  

The journey is HARD, it will never end!  When you stop exercising, eating healthy or taking care of yourself....those old fears and feelings WILL RETURN.  I've lived it, I'm sad that I have allowed it to creep back in a time or two :( but it does NOT mean that I will quit- EVER!  I made up my mind in 2001 to NEVER allow that former girl to come back into my life and while she has made an appearance a few times as life's changes come our way, I REFUSE TO LET HER WIN.  I've got this.  I am in control and I must remind myself of that DAILY.  There are no days to quit, to lose focus, to lose sight of what I want out of life.  My husband and I are happy and HEALTHY TOGETHER and there's nothing that can erase that feeling that we feel right now.  My second half marathon is in the books and I'm proud to say that I'm at my lowest weight EVER, I'm leaner than EVER and for once in my life I have my foods totally in control which is HUGE for me.  The hard part?  Not slipping up now that I'm on a roll.  
I've done it in the past and I'm trying my hardest to not let it happen in my future.  Each day is worth celebrating and being proud of all we've accomplished.
If you've played the yo-yo game as I have for SOOOOO long, it's time to jump on track for good.  The food and what I know now is so powerful and plays such a HUGE role in our success.  It's a BALANCE of all aspects in order to find true success.  It's not just exercise, not just eating's about all of it working perfectly and helping our body to perform at its best, always!


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Lots of great pictures! Looks like a fun time.

Heather @ Operation Determination said...

Congrats on a great race! Way to get out there and push through. You are a strong momma and you went out there and proved it to yourself! I love how you reflected on your journey through the race. You just keep on inspiring me! Great pictures:)

fancy nancy said...

Ok clearly I'm reading these out of order since I just wished you luck!! Lol!! I love this recap and how much you appreciate the hard work you have put in!! Way to go!!

hiker mom said...

Great job Marissa!

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