Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm NOT perfect!

So, there are TOTALLY days where I don't feel like whipping something up homemade and healthy, so there's a little secret I'd like to share:
* I take packaged blueberry muffins(preferably the kind with "real" blueberries not imitation), add 2 tbs flaxseed and 2tbs wheat germ! For an extra twist, smash one ripe banana in there too!! Makes them taste even more delicious while giving my kiddos a LITTLE better nutrition than straight from the box! Keep in mind serving size because they'll taste so delicious, you'll forget to check how MUCH we should be eating...that is key, so watch out!
Other than that, ENJOY!
Oh and sometimes I add a splash of water if batter becomes TOO thick!
Yea, like I said I am NOT perfect and some days I don't quite feel like supermom(Ha!),
so for those days...USE THIS TRICK!!!
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1 comment:

cooperl788 said...

This is such a good idea! I often sneak flax seed into breads and other dishes I think should have a little more fiber than they do.

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