Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nutrition for your KIDS!

I've always loved the American Heart Association and what they do to help kids stay healthy! I found these Nutrition Flash Cards on their website HERE. I try to incorporate these healthy flash cards when we're eating dinner and show the food groups that apply to each card! If you want to really step it up, have these cards laminated for easy use,
cut foods from magazines and have your child place the food with the nutrient!


Bridie said...

These are really neat! My 6 yr old is really into flashcards for everything right now - we will definitely be using these!

The Smiths said...

That might help with new foods to eat...I was shocked and amazed when we went out to eat the other night, my daughter kidnapped my salad and my son ordered steamed broccoli instead of fries.

Mommy Minded said...

Love this! Thanks for sharing!

TV's Take said...

What a cool idea! Thanks Marissa!

The Blog Writer said...

I like your dedication towards staying healthy. :)

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