Sunday, April 3, 2011

Artichoke Makeover!

Growing up with THE best Sicilian cook as my grandmother, delicious foods were always around!

One of my most favorite dishes were her stuffed artichokes! The artichokes were packed full of Parmesan cheese and Italian breadcrumbs, I used to look forward to them every year! Most people struggle with the cravings for sweets but for me, my weight gain came from BREAD! All kinds of BREAD...and these stuffed artichokes were no exception. I mean, I fully admit that I used to eat the stuffing out of them before even making it to the artichoke :( sad but true.

image source Knowing what I know now, these artichokes were the enemy :) Only kidding, but seriously they were filled with breading and SOOO not good for you. So, I did a little artichoke makeover and watch out because they are delicious!!

Move It Mommas SUPER simple artichoke:

2-3 artichokes, trimmed Place in pot, half full of boiling water. Cover and simmer for about 20 minutes or until leaves are tender. Drain water and drizzle with zesty Italian dressing and SERVE!

Nothing can be easier than that, right?! RIGHT! These are so good and although not covered in all that stuffing, they still remind me of my grandmother and her delicious foods :)


Mommy Minded said...

Mmm... yummy... :)

Chunky Monkey said...

That looks so good! I love italian food.

Jogging with Fiction said...

that's the pretties artichoke I've ever seen. I almost wouldn't want to eat it!

Bridie said...

I grew up eating artichokes with zesty italian dressing! instead of drizzling, we had it in a little bowl and dipped the leaves in.....sooo good. Also did avocado's cut in half, and fill the well with italian dressing.

Lindsey Stipes said...

great blog-found you via UBP!! Love healthy living blogs!

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