Sunday, April 10, 2011

an article I'd like to share...

There is quite a bit of emphasis these days on our obesity epidemic, the rising rate of childhood obesity, reality TV shows helping people get healthy and while this is a VERY positive focus, sometimes the focus is so broad that some families might not understand how to bring these healthy habits into their own home and incorporate these things into their everyday lives. I grew up as an overweight child and once my life changed, I made a promise that I would help families find the tools necessary to succeed as well! Whether it's through food choices, exercise, or both. As a former physical education and health teacher, I know the importance of helping children find a healthy way of life, so in our home I focus on teaching healthy habits as much as possible, that way I am helping our family improve our quality of life each and every day! For instance, I try to use simple moments as teachable moments with my kids. If my husband and I are out walking with our boys, we make sure and explain why it's important to get outside, walk, run, be active. When I am cooking fresh vegetables or slicing fresh fruit, I explain to my family why these foods are good for our body and our heart. I always make exercise fun. It might be doing yard work, washing the car, or just playing outdoors and at the moment where my children are laughing out loud and having the time of their lives, I remind them that they are working their heart! Take your children to the grocery store, encourage them to try new foods! Have them explore the vegetables, meats, fruits, herbs and more! Cook with your kids. Get them in the kitchen and show them that cooking healthy can be fun! If you are looking for great kid-friendly recipes, I try to post them at least once a week and there are other resources available as well! Plant a garden. This is a great way to teach responsibility and for them to take pride in what they are doing. My four year old gets so excited when it's time to "feed" the plants or when he can see a vegetable growing that he helped water, feed, etc. Be active TOGETHER. A family that plays together, stays together!
Get outside, get moving and most of all-have FUN! -Move It Momma

I was asked to write this article for a blogger friend of mines' network and wanted to share with all of you! Thanks to all of you for the sweet comments about our 5K over the weekend...they were much appreciated and made us smile :)

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