Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's TIME!

Oh my goodness, its the morning of the race...I'm a nervous wreck!! Not even sure why??! Hope I can get out there and kick some booty :)...we shall see! I'll try a take a pic of the four of us before the race!


Oatmeal with fresh berries!

and my cup of coffee, of course!!

Since we have been talking about the race, even the boys are excited! This time they'll be riding but next time, maybe Jacob will wanna run his first 1K? He sure loves to run, so we'll see what he thinks about all this excitement today! He used to ride with me in these races, but he was too young to remember. I get SO excited knowing that what we're exposing these boys to might help them make healthy choices in their future?! Take dinner a few nights ago, Jacob looked at me and said "Mom, this chicken is for my heart, right? It'll take care of me and give me protein?" Ahhhh, YES! His mommy may not be the greatest at math and history, but he'll get straight A's in health class :)


Hayley said...

good luck and so proud of you!!!

misszippy said...

Nerves are so natural! I've been racing forever and a day, and I still get them. Best of luck!

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