Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mmmm, so good!

A few days ago, I received a sample of The Artisanal Kitchen's EVOO!

It's SO yummy and the flavor is just right! I love olive oil, use it in almost all of my recipes and this one might be my new favorite! Seems like Anna got it just right when creating!

I used it on our fresh green beans last night, and a salad both yesterday and today :)

If you'd like to buy this tasty Olive Oil, visit and tell them the Move It Momma sent you!

I also used this in a delicious recipe I'll be sharing with you tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Today's Workout: I did 3.1 miles and finished in a faster time than the 5K last weekend :) I was pushing the boys this evening, the weather was perfect and breezy on the felt good! The boys watched the ducks, birds and all of the other families running/walking around the water, so they enjoyed themselves too! We'll be running another 5K this weekend, so I guess we're addicted?! We found out that the Houston Half Marathon sign up is June 1st (its lottery style, so hope we make it) and we'll FOR SURE be signing up!!! woohoooo! I hope I survive training??! After reading my blogger friends posts, I'm sure the training will be ROUGH, but I'm ready and the reward of crossing that finish line seems SO worth it!


Jennifer said...

I'm new to running blogs and love seeing another mama working hard to keep fit. Good for you and best of luck on the half marathon training!

chris mcpeake said...

good luck with the training (and Houston)

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