Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter recap!

Yesterday we woke up bright and early and hubby and I took turns running on our was great! I did about 4 miles and he did 6! Went to a bbq at his family's and controlled ourselves with no fatty foods or sweets! Today, we woke up with every intention to run and that didn't happen. We ate really well and then the Easter baskets came pouring in! My mom's basket to the boys was filled with TONS of candy and some cool summer clothes, and we were able to leave the candy at her house :) Then the Bunny came to our house and brought trains, Toy Story 3 and sidewalk chalk...wooohooo, no temptations here! Then came the basket from DeDe and Aunt Paulette, OH. MY. GOODNESS. I would been ok if I hadn't seen the Reese's pieces egg carton staring at me...but I gave in! Whew, I think I ate 15 of them before I closed the container and threw them away :) whoops! Guess it could have been worse, but man those are good. As for the other 3lbs of candy, we bagged it up and hubby will bring it to work for all of his friends to devour! Happy Easter to you and yours!!!


Carly said...

Luckily my mom only sent me a little bit of candy. Which I enjoyed thoroughly. Any way, Happy Easter!

Chunky Monkey said...

We try to keep it candy minimum. It makes it more expensive but whats the point when you give it away...because its not healthy for mom, dad or the kids! I will need another week before I can sneak the rest out the house. ha! Happy Easter!

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