Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another sponsor and Wednesday Workout Hop!

Ready to learn about Inperspire? Another sponsor for our virtual Independence 5K race, so if you sign up for the race, you are eligible to win...it's THAT simple!

Do you use a fitness towel? I must admit, even after working in a gym, I did not. That was until I found Inperspire! A fitness towel with motivation...how cool is that? For review, I chose the towel that says, "Pain is just weakness leaving the body"! So perfect!

The towel is super thick and not trying to gross ya out, but it totally absorbs my sweat after a nice, long morning run! At $10.95/towel, they are totally affordable and well worth it!

Since I recently signed up for my first half marathon, the next towel that I have my eyes on is, 13.1. Why not use a sweat towel that shows off my accomplishments, right?! Would make a great gift for a friend that completed their first race as well! And I LOVE "I am worth it"...couldn't think of better words to read while you're working hard to be healthy! The owners are very friendly, easy to work with and strive to satisfy every customer! Their website is easy to navigate and I think we will all be seeing a lot more from Inperspire in the future!

Tell me which Inperspire towel you would choose if you win?

...and how do you win? It's sooo simple! Send me an email at rissarose80@yahoo.com, saying you are signing up for the virtual 5K that takes place any day between July 3rd-9th and when you complete the race, send me an email with your finish time(honor system, because it's not about speed, it's about FINISHING!) and you are entered to win all of our fabulous prizes listed HERE and Inperspire is one of them! And don't forget about the extra entries for attaching a picture in your best 4th of July attire, or by spreading the word about the race through blog post, facebook or twitter! (One entry for each)!!

And now onto the Hop!!! Hurry and link up!

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This is our weekly hop, where we share healthy tips with all of you and it's also a great place to meet fellow bloggers, so LINK UP AND HAVE FUN!!!

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fancy nancy said...

I'm already signed up for the 5k but I LOVE these towels! I would get 1 of the following 3...."I am worth it", "The journey of 1000 miles..." or "Run your ass off" I figure the last one would do me some good hanging in front of me on the mill!!!

Shandy Jo said...

Stopping by from the weds workout blog hop. New follower. Neat towels by the way.

Anonymous said...

I've signed up for the 5k! I also put a post and button on my side bar for it to help promote the event. I think it's a great idea! I saw a guy at the USMC Mud Run I did this weekend with that same saying that's on your towel.

Of course now that I've promoted it on my site I won't be able to "forget to run". :)

Rosann said...

Just discovered your site from Racing and Saving Mama. The 5K challenge sounds fabulous! I also just recently signed up for my first half-marathon. I'm so excited but nervous at the same time. I've only run just shy of 6 miles at my longest distance ever. So this is a big challenge for me. :)

Many blessings,

Tricia said...

yippeee for new sponsors

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