Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gotta love Disney and another 5K!

Well yes, Disney World and Disneyland but also Disney's Magic of Healthy Eating! Did you know about this? I sure didn't until I received an email from them advertising their new program, the Tryathlon-encouraging children to try new foods and new ways to exercise! Brilliant, right? Why won't more companies geared toward children, do things like this?!
A little of what my email explained...
"Need ideas for healthy eats and fitness fun? Disney Magic of Healthy Living provides moms with recipes, activities, and ways to boost a healthy lifestyle with your family."
Head on over and check it out! There is a link for parents and children! I'm off to explore it now!
*I received this information because I subscribe to the Disney newsletters. The opinions are 100% mine and I only shared factual information from their site.

Today's Workout:
Headed to a local 5K this morning, starting at 7:30am! Woo! I'm excited! Hoping to hit a personal best, but we'll see about that! This one is on the water, so hopefully a little breeze? It is just my hubby and I and possibly our 4 year old wants to attempt his first 1K! Just talking about it, I'm pumped and ready to go!

Healthy Tip:
Plan an outdoor activity, invite family and friends and do something active, together! If your family is anything like my Italian family, they'll wanna gather around FOOD, sit around and EAT! Instead, encourage meeting up somewhere and doing something active TOGETHER. Change the cycle and do something different. This way, your family is making memories and having fun while you are encouraging them to BE ACTIVE! You never know until you try!

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