Thursday, June 2, 2011


Looking for a great electrolyte enhanced drink tablet...then NUUN is right for you! My favorite has to be their Tropical and Fruit Punch...what about you? Do you have a favorite? They are happy to sponsor the 5K by offering a 4 pack along with a NUUN water bottle and some really cool decals to the lucky winner! Find out more about NUUN, HERE!

I have not been able to review these Inperspire fitness towels, but they are on their way to me now! What an incredible product...motivational and inspirational fitness towels! LOVE IT! Can't wait for mine and you'll have a chance to win one too...check out these very cool towels, HERE.

If you haven't tried their new Roctane, you're missing out...especially if you're looking for that perfect added boost of energy during your workouts! I think my personal favorite would have to be the CHOMPS. GU will be offering a GU Performance Energy Sampler to one lucky winner. You can read more about these great products HERE.

For those looking to lose weight and feel great...Cinch, inch loss plan will offer a meal bar and/or shake, read more HERE and Body By Vi will offer a Body By Vi shake to another lucky winner, check that out here!

If you're looking for a perfect headband made especially for runners...BondiBand will giveaway a band of your choice if you win...check them out here! My "I Run like a Girl" band is a great workout must-have! It's comfy, fits perfectly and does its job very well...and why not look stylish while I'm running and sweating like crazy?!

...with possibly MORE TO COME!!!

To be eligible to win these AWESOME giveaways:

you MUST sign up and complete the Independence 5K by emailing me at! Oh and you are encouraged to HAVE FUN too!

**Entries are based on completion of race the week of July 3rd - 9th. You just email me your race time once completed and you're entered to win! It's THAT easy!!!

*If you dress in your best 4th of July attire and snap a photo, you have an extra entry!

*If you spread the word about our sponsors and this FUN virtual race, you'll earn an extra entry for each form-blogger, facebook, twitter, and so on...


misszippy said...

Would that I could! I need to get healthy so that I can partake in all this fun stuff!

Anonymous said...

What cool stuff!!! I might need to sign up, it does sound super easy!!! : )

Jen said...

Cool stuff - I am in on the 5K! I will email you.

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