Saturday, June 18, 2011

Berry Mango Smoothie, compliments of Trainer Momma

Trainer Momma is one of my favorite sites and right now she's posted a Berry Mango Smoothie and it looks so yummy...I'm headed to my kitchen, grabbing my Magic Bullet and going to make one right NOW! I'm always looking for variations on a good smoothie, so I figure I'll give this one a try!

Today's Workout: 4 mile run at 5:45am (42 minutes), before sunrise and it was perfect weather for about 20 minutes. But as time went on, the sun started peaking through and that darn humidity started to set in...suppose to be heat index of 107 today :(. The sweat started pouring and I looked like I had just jumped out of a swimming pool...sooo gross!

Healthy Tip: I'm hosting my friends wedding shower today and one thing that I'm a sucker for is shower food...all those munchies that you can pop in your mouth and totally forget about calories and everything else...SO, to prepare in advance and practice moderation, I will eat a nice and healthy lunch before heading out and choose a few items to try at the shower, this way I am not STARVING and I won't allow those shower food munchies to control my day!!!
How are you beating the heat when it comes to exercise?
Am I the only one who LOVES shower appetizers?

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oh_mg said...

I've been running super early in the morning so it's not as hot/the sun isn't as bright. I tried running in the afternoon one day and could barely do 2 miles, I got incredibly dehydrated. It's worth a little sleep deprivation, I think, to have a healthier feeling run!

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