Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Get Healthy, Week 1

With my weight-loss story , my new running journey and my degree in Health, I decided to start a Get Healthy group teaching the basics about reading nutrition facts, portion and serving sizes, setting goals, exercise, and more!

Our first meeting was tonight and it went well. I had healthy snacks for family and friends to try, we talked about our weaknesses and strengths, and I shared my personal story and struggles.

My only disappointment is that I sent emails, text messages, my mom spread the word through facebook and 8 people were here. I was SO proud of those 8, however the message went to at least 75 people. I had flashbacks of the times when I first started losing weight. I felt alone. My friends that surrounded me, were no longer there for me. It's like they didn't fit into my new lifestyle and that hurt. I hadn't done anything different, but it was like they were threatened by me...or by my decision to get healthy? I'm still not sure. Many times I failed at weight-loss and trust me, I tried everything. But the strangest part is that there is no special diet, exercise,'s ALL ABOUT BALANCE! I am an emotional eater and had to re-focus my emotions away from food and onto exercise! And shockingly, it totally worked for me. I find complete peace during exercise, my stress is gone, I feel FREE, I feel happy, I feel STRONG. I guess it all goes back to, you can try to help people but if they aren't ready, it WILL NOT work.(no matter how hard I try)

Here are some of the things we discussed...I decided I'd treat it a lot like when I taught nutrition by going over the basics, answering questions and then using some key points that have helped me find success..


  • Be prepared-Never go to the grocery store TIRED or HUNGRY. Being tired will result in you shopping for a quick fix meal, little effort and you'll end up with a lot of processed foods. If you're hungry, you'll shop for the craving/trigger foods and not for quality and nutrients.

  • Set REALISTIC goals-Start small and set goals that are within reach. What do you want out of this new lifestyle? How will you celebrate your successes? WHY DO YOU WANT THIS?!

  • Find and recognize your "trigger" foods or weaknesses. What foods make you lose control? My example was pretzels, I love them and will eat the whole bag if possible. So, instead I buy a small bag, give in to the temptation once in a while and then they are gone, they do NOT enter my home!

  • Find BALANCE!-it's not about "Can I have this?" or "I can't eat that", it's about BALANCE. Finding a way to understand moderation and how to control it, and also finding what works for YOU. We are all different and relate to foods and exercise differently.

  • Surround yourself with positive people!-If you are looking to make a healthy change, surround yourself with the people that will encourage, not discourage you! You are in control of YOUR life and when people try to influence you in a negative way, it only sets you further away from your goal and what you want out of this lifestyle change.

  • Do NOT be afraid to ask for help and support!- Reach out to those people that can and will help you. Find a workout buddy. Or just someone you can call and share your frustrations, successes, etc. It WILL make this journey easier.

  • IF YOU BITE IT, WRITE IT! Start a journal and track your foods. It will make you aware of what you're eating and hold you accountable or use,

Are you making positive changes in your life? What REALISTIC goals have you set for yourself this year? Personally, I like to have an exercise goal, so I can see the results and focus on that upcoming challenge. What about you?

**BELOW is a comment I received this morning, in regards to our first meeting last night...I am SO beyond thrilled that my passion reached her and seemed to give her HOPE:

Marissa - The class was great! - I finally understand how to read a nutritional label and choose what's good for me. The best comment made all night was that "each person is different and needs to find what works for them." Believe me, I've tried every diet imaginable, even hypnosis - I had a quick fix for awhile and then gained more weight than before. I left this class with HOPE - and the understanding that I'm not dieting but changing my lifestyle! Can't wait for the next class


misszippy said...

Good for you for starting the group. Just think, you are making a difference in 8 people's lives! And that number will only multiply as they carry the message over to their friends/family. Great work!

Carly said...

Those are all great tips. And 8 people is better than no people, so congrats on starting the group!

Ma What's 4 dinner said...

I'm so glad to have come to this part of your blog...though you know how I love the one of your kids as well. I need this right now. I wish I lived near you so I could go and run with you too.

I used to hate running. HATE IT!!! I couldn't do it. At all!!! But I've been working hard and now I can run for about 45 minutes. I usually get between 3 1/2 -4 miles. That is huge as I used to dread even a mile.

But I'm trying and I'm getting there. Now if I could just stop eating cheese! :)

Lots of yummy love,
Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

8 people sounds like a great size for a group. I bet you'll get great discussions, with more people it's easy to get lost in the crowd.

I like that you are giving out HOPE. So awesome!

kimert said...

It is totally awesome that you started (and did this)! Really even touching the lives of 8 people is pretty great! I bet you will find that number grows.

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