Thursday, June 30, 2011

are YOU frumpy or fabulous?

This morning as I headed out for my run I put on my shorts, an old college t-shirt(faded and worn out), grabbed my 5 year old iPod-I might have the first model created?!, put my hair in a pony, filled my water bottle and headed out!
I'm at a great pace and then I see Fabulous, looking like she just walked out of an Under Armour commercial, matching from head to toe! Looking like a superstar! and then there's me...

So, I started to wonder...Do I look like a serious runner? Does being a serious runner involve dressing the part? If the answer is yes, then I better reach out to all of my bloggy friends for a WORKOUT WARDROBE MAKEOVER!!!

Kid-friendly snack: As most of you know, I'm always trying to create fun snacks that my kids will LOVE. I'll share a fun, little recipe that seems to be a huge hit with my boys right now and they're so simple to make!

Move It Momma's Vanilla Wafer Buttons

You'll Need:

vanilla wafers

natural peanut butter

thinly sliced bananas and strawberries-or any other fruit of choice!

These have become my boys MOST favorite snack! Take vanilla wafer and top with small amount of peanut butter and a small slice of your favorite fruit! To make this snack even more fun and kid-friendly, cut shapes with the fruit! Star-shaped bananas and heart-shaped strawberries are SO fun, right?! The possibilities are endless and think about the 4th...create these using blueberries and strawberries and you'll have a healthy, star-spangled snack!

My boys like to help out with these. I top with PB and they add the fruit!

What else could you add to these buttons to make them even MORE delicious?

What about you? Are you frumpy or fabulous when you workout?


Bridie said...

Oh....girl. I am certainly not fabulous - it's all about being comfortable! There is a lady at work that I met in the locker room - she's probably 10 years older than me, but you know the look - tan, white teeth, white blond hair, 100 lbs (though to give her credit, she's lost 20 pounds over the last year by cutting out junk food). Just one of those genetically blessed people. Anyway, I had noticed her on the treadmills and she's pretty fast. So we got to talking in the locker room one day and she's only been running for about 6 months, and runs a 7:30 min/mi pace for a 5k. We ran together the other day (that bad run with the hill) and she didn't even break a sweat! We walked into the locker room and she didn't even need to shower before returning to work "I guess I'm just not a sweater".

So, she is fabulous, and I am a frumpy sweat-er. Short of botoxing all my sweat glands, I guess I just have to accept it. At least she is super nice and doesn't have a fabulous attitude, but I still kind of hate her!

Katie A. said...

While I do tend to wear under armour gear and match most of the time, I definitely don't consider myself frumpy. The main reason I wear the gear, is because I sweat...and I sweat a LOT! (Am I the only one that sweats so bad when running? Seriously, my shirt/sports bra always look like I jumped in the shower with them on and my shorts always look like I peed in them, sadly) So wearing a t-shirt or cotton shorts means they get weighed down during my run and start chaffing me. However, I throw my hair up in the quickest pony tail and never worry about wearing make up for runs. I don't get people who put on make-up to go run...I mean it's going to sweat off, right?! I say wear whatever you are comfortable in :)

Bridie said...

Katie - where do you buy your running clothes? I need to switch to something better, given my increased mileage and increased sweat in the heat, I am having chafing issues. I avoid makeup - I just sweat mascara into my eyes and end up looking like a lunatic with black streaks down my face!

Sarita said...

I home school and we learned about red and green lights in K5 with the same snack except we used M&Ms. You could use raisins!

Mommy Minded said...

I am frunmy like no other! ;)

Mommy Minded said...

I am frunmy like no other! ;)

Carly said...

I think that people who generally look so put together when exercising aren't as serious about the exercise. They're in it just to wear those cute outfits. Most of the time I go for comfort, but I have a couple of running outfits I consider cute and sometimes they help motivate me to get out the door. I think it's a double edged sword. If your clothes are all worn out, it's because you use them!

Thistledew Farm said...

I try to dress the part - there is a lot of science in those clothes, as a sweater - I need the science! I use anti-perspirant to combat chaffing best item in my gym bag! I try hard not to be frumpy, I think you're not serious if you don't invest in your sport and take care of your body!

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