Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Get Healthy-Week 2

I'll start off with a pic of my boys and I! Oh how I love them!
MYSELF and my FAMILY are reason enough for me to be healthy! What about you? What pushes you each day to make good choices for you and your family? That's how our meeting started off tonight...

  • We talked about Balance and focused on how each of us can find it through diet and exercise. My aunt has lost THREE POUNDS in our first week! I am SO proud of my group, showing up and admitting that you want/need help is THE hardest part!

  • We discussed fiber. Soluble, insoluble and why fiber is SO important in our diet.

  • We will fill in the blank this week and post it throughout our home, This week I will ____. How will you answer that?

  • I introduced them to Exercise TV through ONDemand and how they can find workouts for FREE, 24hours a day, at ALL fitness levels.

  • Most importantly, we discussed how to overcome our greatest challenges!

I want to make sure they are all aware that I KNOW what they are feeling, going through, what they are doubting. I felt all of those emotions too. Sometimes we doubt ourselves because we have failed in the past. THIS time is different. No more excuses, they will change their lives. Some participants printed their food journal from myfitnesspal, so I was able to see their weekly meals...very cool, right? SO PROUD.

Today's Workout: I changed it up and decided on Jillian's 6 week 6 pack 2! It was awesome and sadly, I think I'm already sore. I was SO focused on stepping up my running game, that I totally forgot about my other favorite workouts...but they're back and I feel 'it!

Healthy Tip: Get your kiddos in the kitchen! I prepare meals with my children, when possible. I have my boys grab the veggies, help me wash and once they are chopped, they will add them to the dish. They love to stir, sprinkle and TASTE the healthy foods I prepare. If a made from scratch meal is not possible with the family's busy schedule, no worries...try a family walk around the neighborhood-talk about the day, relax and enjoy that time. * When I taught P.E., children used to run into the gym and tell me all about their family walk, bike ride, or other activity they did together! They were SO proud. I think of those children as I make healthy memories with my own family :)

As for my morning run, I am totally ready to break that 5 mile barrier...I think my longest run to date is 5.37 miles, so I will PRAY and FIGHT for 6 miles, however...5.38 will make me smile too!!! Ha ha!


Holly said...

you can do it!!! I'm glad I wasn't the only PE teacher who couldn't run! Now of course I can but I'm not teaching anymore.

misszippy said...

I love that you get the kids into the kitchen for the food prep--a great way to introduce them to healthy living for life. Go get that long run!

Katie Schmidt said...

I am in Austin right now and tried to run outside yesterday. I ran right to the gym down the street and used the treadmill!!! IT IS HOT!! Yuck! I don't know how you do it! Good luck with breaking the 6 mile mark! You can do it!!

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