Thursday, June 30, 2011

a great run AND a new Independence 5K sponsor!!

Just my iPod and I on my run this morning! Songs that kept me going: "Drive" Incubus, "Down In It" Nine Inch Nails, and "I am Woman" Jordin Sparks...ha, what a mix right? I was SO tired of my E.T. Katy Perry-they've overplayed it on the radio :( and "Born this Way" Lady GaGa. I guess this means I need new iTunes downloads ASAP!

As for the actual RUN, it was awesome! 6am...sticky, hot but whew, it felt good! I told myself I would finish 45minutes of straight running! It may not sound like much but lately with the heat and humidity, 30 minutes is all my body can take! I did it! 4.3 miles in 45minutes! Woohoo!! Today I totally felt in the groove. I really think just SIGNING up for this half marathon has given me the added motivation I needed. I feel great, unstoppable and that I can and WILL do this! Now, did my legs ache? Oh YES. Did I start cramping in my side after mile 3, oh YES. But I kept going...and I think I'll focus on that today :)

want more exciting news??! We have ANOTHER sponsor for the Independence Virtual 5K Race!!! WaterGeeks! Hope you've heard of them, because they're giving away a stainless steel filtered water bottle to one of our lucky participants! I received mine last week and have been using it ever since. I requested yellow and LOVE it! It's super functional and I bring it with me everywhere! I love that each time I want a drink and I'm on the go, I don't have to stop for a bottle of water, that gets annoying AND expensive! Plus, I have a four year old and a two year old, who wants to pull over and get them out of the car every time I'm thirsty! I took this bottle on my run this morning...I definitely needed the hydration with all that sweatin' I was doing! For those of you that haven't heard of them, here's a little about WaterGeeks and why I think their water bottle is so fabulous!

Ergonomic Design
For style and function
Diverse Color Selection
Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Stainless
Steel, White, Yellow
Safe Material
Unlined, BPA, PVC and Phthalate-Free, non-leaching
stainless steel
Certified Lead-Free paint
Highly Functional
Wide mouth neck with easy to clean threading
Durable and dent resistant
Child through adult sizes available
Dishwasher Safe
Private Label
Laser Etched Logo for life long product awareness

If that's not enough about this super functional water bottle, the small, built-in filter is perfect too! I filled it from several places on the go and I admit, I was excited that I wasn't having to stop to pay 2.00 for a bottle of water! Woohoo!

The new “Pure Blue” filters are a portable
and affordable solution designed to reduce
chlorine, chromium, heavy metals and other
potential contaminants that may be present
in tap water.
Enjoy healthy, safer, great tasting water
anytime,/anywhere, without the cost and
waste associated with bottled water. Save
time, money and the environment by simply
filling up at any tap and filtering water as you
drink. It's that simple!
These filters can be used in the WaterGeeks
Pure Blue Filtered Bottles, Widemouth Bottles,
Kid Friendly Bottles and any competitor’s
bottle with a 1.75" thread design.
Filter Capacity: 80 gallons (800 12oz servings
or 400-24oz servings).

Some other WaterGeeks products I'd like to try...

The transition Sip Cup! How cool is that? This would be perfect for my two year old! They come in three stages, so that you find the one that's right for your child. These also come in 11 colors and they provide the Avent or Born Free sippy top! In my opinion, my kiddos can look cool while feeling safe knowing what they're drinking won't harm them!

The EA Free Bottle- the safest, plastic bottle on the market! Fits in most bike, bottle cages and is perfect for those on the go! I'd say this bottle would be a great addition to your gym bag too!

What do you think? A great addition to our wonderful sponsors?

Click here to see all of the items up for grabs! I'm excited and I hope you are too!!!

...and there's still time to sign up, so email me at and don't forget race week is July 3rd - 9th!

What's on your playlist right now? Is it better than my 90's alternative/pop not-so-greatest hits MIX?! Whew, I need an iTunes makeover! Hmmm, do those exist?

Disclosure: I received a WaterGeeks stainless steel bottle in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% mine.


Lisa {} said...

AWESOME run!! really--that is so great! congratulations. those water bottles sound really nice. i love the idea of the built in filter. right now on my ipod i'm digging: anything by Phoenix, The Strokes, and Foo Fighters. i try to keep a notepad in the car so that when i hear a song that i really like i can write it down, or else i'll forget! also, if you've never checked out, you have to!! you can make your own "stations" using a single artist (or multiple artists) or by song title, and then it plays songs it think you will like based on how you built the station. it's so cool. we listen to it all the time and it's introduced me to new music that i've come to love.

keep up the good work!

samiam4eva06 said...

Super cute water bottle! Great job on your run!! I hope to be able to do all that soon.. I can jog a mile right now.. need to puh to do more!!
Thanks for your sweet comment xoxo

WannabeRunner said...

Awesome run! i definitely need to mix up my playlist too - i get tired of songs fast!

Sarah said...

Great job on that run! I am having a *terrible* time running outside right now, so I'm really impressed!

Even my favorite running songs can stop motivating me after a while. I do need to mix it up often!

Great job!


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