Friday, July 27, 2012

celebrate the Olympics with your family!

Are you ready for the Olympic games?  I am hoping the opening ceremony lives up to all the hype!   

My kids have been excited for weeks, especially after watching the trials!  I have been looking for ways to make the Olympics an opportunity to teach my children about exercise, athletes, different sports, etc so when I found this article and information from Hershey's, I knew I'd found a way to bring the Olympic games into our home!!  Check this out...

"The 2012 Summer Olympics* are here and what better way to get into the Games than bringing them home to play with family and friends. It’s also a great way to keep active while still having fun!

American Council on Exercise (ACE) Fitness Expert Jessica Matthews has some easy ways to bring the Olympics home for both adults and kids:
·         Create track and field events outdoors at home using sidewalk chalk to outline your very own track for events like sprints, long jump and relay races for the entire family.
·         Hit the pool and set up swimming races using different strokes (such as freestyle and breaststroke), as well as fun, inexpensive pieces of pool equipment (such as races with kickboards and pool noodles).
·         Chart out a cycling course in your neighborhood, grab your bikes and ride together as a family.

Discover even more ways to draw inspiration from your favorite Olympic games by checking out the mostrecent article by Jennie Finch, HERSHEY’S MODERATION NATION GOOD LIFE GURU and former Olympic softball player, on the MODERATION NATION website. There you can also find a number of ideas on activity and play for you and the family, as well as tips and tools for how to achieve a balanced diet and lifestyle.

HERSHEY’S MODERATION NATION and SELF magazine are also hosting a Summer Olympics Twitter Party, Tuesday, July 31 from 5-6pm EST (2-3pm PST), with Jennie Finch and Renee Ross (GOOD LIFE GURU and work-life balance blogger) to discuss staying active this summer during the Olympics and the importance of family activity. Tune in using the using the hashtag #ModNatn."

I received this information from Hershey's Moderation Nation.  No compensation was received.

My favorite events are swimming, gymnastics, running-all of them!, and diving!  So much fun to watch!  
What about your family, what are your Olympic favorites?!

Today's Workout:  
Until my husband and I find out what workout series we'd like to try 
(our options include Insanity, Jillian's Body Rev, and others suggested by YOU??-my wonderful readers??).  
I have been "pinning" great at home workouts that seem to be getting the job done and the best part is that I'm able to turn up my playlist and get in the zone while never leaving the house!  It makes a great alternative on those days where I have the boys and running just isn't an option!  

This one from FoodFitnessandFamily 

 and this one from FitFluential Workouts 
 Have you ever tried these type of workouts?  
*I repeated the "Do Anywhere Workout" 5 times today, then the 100 leg workout twice and let me tell ya, I was a SWEATY MESS!!!

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Michelle said...

I can do these type workouts. right now I'm with a pt but I have a good workout I made up posted ... I incorporated running on the treadmill in 60 sec bursts with a variety of other stuff. This just motivated me to try it....have not done it in a few months

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