Monday, July 9, 2012

Thanks iPod!

Some of us can workout without music...

I am NOT one of those people.


I MUST have a great playlist to pump me up and keep me going strong!  I am always changing things up with my music, because the better the music, the better my workout!  And maybe that's just me...

So this morning before the sun came up, I was downloading some new songs and decided to go Christina Aguilera crazy!  I bought Fighter, How Ya Burlesque(love this song!), and Diirty!  I also bought Usher-Scream, Rihanna-Talk that Talk, and Soul Decision-Faded(ya know you remember this song from the early 90's)
I was jamming in the neighborhood and finally finished 4.5 miles!  
This may sound weak, but after finding my running stride again last week, the heat has kept me from really stepping it up lately.  Not a great excuse, but it's hard to push through in these temps...
Anyway, I owe it to Christina for helping me achieve a great run this morning!  WooHoo!!!

What's on your iPod playlist this summer?


fancy nancy said...

A lot of Pit Bull!! I totally need my music!! I have been using my phone for runs lately and I have been using the Fitradio app for's like a dance club!!

Samantha said...

I have to have to have to have music!! I attempted the gym yesterday without headphone.. I lasted like 1/2 hour!
<3 Sam

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